Hairdressers Belgrade

Address: 13 Bircaninova st., Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 011/3619-280, 065/242-53-66, 062/848-77-37
E-mail: happyteam13@gmail.com
Website: www.happyteam.rs

4.5/ 5stars

Happy team is a team that is always ready to level of education rinse the diverse needs of clients. It will give you many creative ideas that will go with you and your head shape. The main goal is to care about the appearance of your hair.

Happy team gives you a pleasant feeling of head massage, M2A Brazilian Keratin Bioescova, male and female haircuts, Ombre hair color, highlights in various colors, shading hair, dreadlocks, braids and pigtails, formal hairstyles, kids haircuts and children's haircuts, Olaplex tretman, Hair dyeing in pastel colors and a permanent hair straightening that gives you shine, vitality and softness. The diagnosis of indicators for your hair, scalp and skin pH.

Reward yourself with the painting La Biosthetique color, the difference in hair quality you will notice after first painting. Due to its high density of extremely small pigment, color Tint & Tone provide stable continuous coverage and high refleskiju attractive shades. Based on extracts of chamomile, aloe vera and coconut oil hair after the treatment has a rich volume and high gloss.

In accordance with the motto La Biosthetique - special care for every type of hair and scalp, designed a wide range of hair care products, which allows each client receives appropriate use La Biosthetique products.

The Happy salon team have the ability to schedule specific hair care treatments that we recommend especially for specific problems with your hair and scalp such as:

- Dry and Damaged Hair
- Dry scalp with the occurrence of irritation
- Chronic dandruff
- Increased sweating of the scalp
- Oily hair
- Special treatment for athletes
- Treatments for employees to wear protective gear / hats on their heads

Let the real experts and allow your hair to grow healthy, as only healthy hair is beautiful hair.

We present some of their latest works.