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Highly intensive development of IT, especially mobile phone communications and other communication systems based on wireless data transfer has contributed to the pollution of our environment with electromagnetic radiation that was defined as electrosmog. This name indicates its harmful effects on human health and has been confirmed by many studies around the world. These fact as well as the information telling us about many other sources of electromagnetic and other radiation with harmful effects has spurred the efforts to educate the populace about these harmful effects and how to prevent them.

The main goals of the BIOGEN association come from the clear nead to inform our public about the harmful effects of electromagnetic and other kinds of radiation whose presence is increasing every day in our environment. This means full time effort to achieve the following goals:

- The association tries to animate our society in order to start an initiative to define and adopt national norms for allowed amounts of radiation that has to be in coordination with the scientific indicators.

- The association will include, in addition to all interested parties, also experts who've worked in this problematic area. They include engineers of technology, especially electrotechnology, physicians, medical workers, biologists, biochemists, ecologists and anyone else whose field of expertise is related to our efforts.

- Regular monitoring and analysis of data regarding the pollution of our environment with electronic and other kinds of harmful radiation.

- Technical equipment and filling our database with a celarly defined level of radiation according to legal norms all for the purpose of preparing a widespread action for issuing atests for widespread use products.

- Educating the association members for volunteer work to promote harmful radiation effects.

- Publishing our billaten that will clarify and point out the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution.

- Planning and implementing continuous education programs with all the relevant establishments and individuals with the goal of including them in licenced pograms of continued education.

- Continuous monitoring, planning and data exchange about the increase and effects of electromagnetic and other kinds of neonisating radiation with other similar organizations.

- Organized cooperation with similar associations in the country and abroad.