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Import and distribution of healthy food

We import peanut butter from the brand Teddie, from America.

Teddie Peanut butter is one of the top three American brands. Product with no additives or emulsifiers provides you a quality meal with only two tablespoons. As a low-fat product with a high content of vegetable protein, meet the needs of those who do not consume animal products.

Also we import caviar from seaweed, brand CAVI-ART, Denmark.

Cavi-ART® is a unique innovative product, caviar, seaweed. He won the European market by replacing fish with caviar as much as 70%.

Healthier than traditional caviar because there is free of cholesterol, no fat and contains very little salt and seaweed, of which he says are rich in micronutrients. Ideal for vegan and meatless diet.

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