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Sanjin Bio Kutak is a store located in Vracar at 8 Sindjeliceva street between Kalenic market and Kralja Aleksandra boulevard.

In our offer we have a wide variety of herbal-based grocieries of exceptional quality as well as organic food.

We'd like to highlight specific kinds of flours such as almond flour, mustard, sesame, pumpkin, chickpeas and all other kinds of wholewheat flour.

We also offer various organic honey kinds such as chestnut, fir, sage, pine, heather...

You can also find fresh organic fruit and vegetables like lemons, avocado and dried organic fruits, nuts and more.

A popular part of our offer is also our herbal cosmetic with a large selection of aromatic oils and spices.

We offer various types of organic cocoa, chia seeds, guarana powder, psyllium, Ceylon cinnamon, barley grass, poppy seeds and other types of herbal potions and adjuvants.

Great choice of lean foods, such as cheese, yoghurt, milk, sausages, hot dogs, sandwich spreads.

We are waiting for you, come hang out!