Heating Belgrade

Address: 93 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2757-466, 2757-536
E-mail: eg_srecko@yahoo.com
Website: www.egsrecko.rs

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SRECKO is a private firm which basic activity is production of electrical heathers. Firm was founded in 1992 and since then record stabile grows and development.Pallete of producing program makes: electrical heathers for household, industrial heathers, heathers of special purpose produced in small and big series with tendency of broadening production assortment in direction of world achievements but also in direction of finding new solutions. With significant investment in new and contemporary solutions, quality and scope of production grow constantly, so that SRECKO became leading producer of electrical heathers in Balkan. Thanks to technical and human resources with which we dispose we are able to realize different demands of every consumer. Our production is conceived in a way to take care about ecological demands for keeping the environment. All our products are made from most quality material in harmony with technical demands and attest in laboratory of Institute QUALITY in Nis.
BOILER HEATERS Working conditions: In state of rest and pouring water Power 1000-4000 W, Tension 230 V
HEATHERS FOR RANGES: Working conditions: In calm air power 600-2950 W, tension 230 V
HEATHERS FOR WASHING MACHINES: working conditions In water power 1850-4000 W, tension 230/380 V
HEATHERS FOR CENTRAL HEATHING SYSTEM: Working conditions in water and in oil power1500-9000 W, tension 230 V
HEATHERS FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES Working conditions in water, oil or air power: on buyers demand, tension on buyers demand
CARTRIDGE HEATHERS FOR TOOLS Working conditiones: in homesite power 50-1000 W, tension 12-380 V
HEATHERS FOR MEDICINE Working conditiones in water power 3x1400 W, tension 230 V
CHAMOTTE HEATHERS Working conditions in air power 100-6000 W tension 12-380 V
INDUSTRIAL HEATHERS Working conditions, in water, oil, air power 100-5000 W, tension 230/380 V