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ROVEX engineering Ltd.
Norwegian radiators , underfloor heating , protection from snow and ice , measuring instruments

Rovex Engineering Ltd is a company established in 2000. year. The corporate headquarters is in New Belgrade. The Company is engaged in electric heating systems intended for residential and commercial buildings .

Since its inception the company are the general counsel for Serbia , Montenegro and Macedonia, Norway ADAX company , the world's leading manufacturer of electric radiators.

Norwegian radiator GLAMOX 3001 - Original Norwegian product, radiator GLAMOX 3001 is the outcome of many years of development of electric heating company ADAX as the fifth generation is the radiator maximally use the laws of thermodynamics and the latest in electronics.

Norwegian radiator ADAX NEO - The Norwegian company has responded ADAX new era - a new design , has produced a new series called radiators ADAX NEO will soon become the main piece of furniture in every room .

Electric floor heating ELEKTRA - The underfloor heating electric is made from high quality materials that have a life expectancy of more than 30 years .

Electric heating cables and heating mats with no moving parts that can abrade and using the technology of high-quality electronic thermostat , the system does not require any maintenance during exploitation .

Reliable electronic thermostat allows you to easily adjust the temperature of the floor or area . There is also the option of programming the heating in accordance with the rhythm of your life and habits .

PROTECTION snow and ice - heating gutters and roofs - We offer systems that prevent retention of snow and ice on roofs , gutters , drainage pipes , the driveways , paths , stairs, terraces , viaducts , bridges , etc. .

Proper design and manufacture of installation to protect against the snow and ice to allow the heated surfaces are not covered with snow and ice , the gutters and drains are unobstructed and that the roof does not create causes snow and icicles . System protection from snow and ice to manage the thermostat .

Measuring instruments and devices - Searching for a reliable measurement instruments we came across a great partner , the German company TROTEC , since 2006, we sell and represent their measuring apparatus for professional and home use . Thermometers HACCP , knife thermometers , anemometers , manometers , Thermo-hygrometers , Gauges , rangefinders , data logger, gas detector , voltage detector , noise meter , energy meter , laser meter, laser thermometers and much more ...


Norwegian radiator GLAMOX 3001
Manufactured in Norway using the latest technology . For 10 years successfully warms our citizens . Norwegian radiators provide full comfort of central heating, with low installation cost , low power consumption . Ideal for children and the elderly . Heating in the 21st century , not consuming oxygen from the room , no burning or combustion heater dust , easy to install , requires no maintenance during and after the warranty period of 5 years , and with all that consume 25-50 % less energy than other speed electric heaters electricity.

ADAX NEO A new model of the Norwegian radiators
Special attention is paid to saving energy and preserving the environment . Standard built-in digital thermostat intelligently you warm to suit your needs and also saves up to 15 % electricity. ADAX NEO meets the most stringent environmental requirements , uses oxygen and do not produce allergies .

ADAX NEO modern, comfortable , elegrantno , modern and functional
The latest generation of ADAXNEO combines the requirements of modern design and functionality . It fits into various types of interiors and ensures a comfortable home from home for which the Norwegian radiators long been famous . Its avant-garde and fresh colors ADAXNEO each eneterijeru provides creative colorist contrast.

Norwegian VPS radiator for bathroom
Provides warm and dry bath and no condensation of moisture on the walls , it is resistant to water splashes , it has a safety thermostat , small size and low installed capacity which makes it very economical. The surface temperature of the front panel of only 60 ° C , make this radiator the secure and very prikladinim bathroom .

Electric towel rails ELEKTRA CX
Electric dryers are suitable design and its elegant appearance is easy to fit into the space . Dryers can be used whenever it is needed for very easy and fast-drying your clothes . Low-power adjusted for drying all kinds of fabrics , optimum drying with minimum energy . Additionally dryers are flawless towel rails .

Electric underfloor heating with heating cables
The latest technology heating cables VCD provides a fantastic feeling of walking on warm floors made of natural materials . With no moving parts , do not take up space and require no maintenance . Electronic temperature control provides the most efficient and healthiest heating on the market.

Electric underfloor heating with heating networks
MD heating networks are made of specially konstrusanih heating cables to a very small section . They are placed directly into the adhesive under the tiles or stones, are suitable in the reconstruction of buildings , because it does not raise the floor level . Heating network can serve as basic as a supplementary heating , or as the effect of a warm floor .

Heating cable 25W VCD / m

Heating terrace and veranda
By using our system to protect against freezing , easily , quickly and without damage can have a clean , safe thus terrace. Your facade will last longer and you will not have leaks . The power used to melt snow and ice if there is a terrace outside facade ( footprint ) building is 250-300W/m2 , while the terrace to You under the building should be ~ 200W/m2 .

Heating ramps and sidewalks
If you have a garage and enter the same is tilted , it will be extremely difficult isparkirati your pet to be safe and without consequences , if during the night fallen snow . The ramp is possible to heat the entire surface or only Track width , the difference is only in the installed capacity . Also in this case the heating cable using power 25W / m .

Heating staircases and entrances
We can help you so you will not have to clean your entrance and staircase , you have to be careful when leaving the house . Our system frost protection is long-lasting and efficient . For melting snow from the stairs to use the heating cable power 25W / m , due to the higher electrical power per square meter.

Electric underfloor heating with heating foil
The problem of cold floors laminantnih no longer exists - our revolutionary heating foil can be installed directly under the floor laminantnog . Heating foil is a quick and efficient heating system which completely changes the types of convection heating, such as heaters, radiators or heaters with full comfort of underfloor heating .

The self-regulating heating cable SelfTec heating gutters and drains
Costs incurred due to damaged gutters and roofs are higher than the cost of installation of our heating system. Intelligent heating cable self- regulating work as much as needed and when needed. Its advantages are: easy installation , security, reliability , high quality and cost-effectiveness

Heating antennas , antenna masts and towers with SelfTec heating cable
Snow lingers creates ice on the plate satellite dishes , antenna towers and antenna supporting structures, often causes many problems : damage to the device smenj when receiving and transmitting signals and the like . The use of heating cables in preventing the negative effects of winter.

Measuring devices TROTEC
Suitable for professional and home use, thanks to modern technology, just at a very reasonable price measure physical quantities that were once required a very expensive devices . Easy and simple to measure temperature, humidity , pressure , humidity , distance , speed, volume, carbon monoxide emission of microwaves , to detect the presence of gas , electricity etc. .


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