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Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade
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Open on Sundays Wheelchair accessible Parking

What does Nana give you? NANA is a nursing home in the classic sense, but gives you much more.
24-hour care and supervision of a physician with the medical staff at the luxurious accommodation with excellent cuisine, customized to your taste and health. Care of your daily activities and social life. Taking care of your health - support in the fight against the disease. Help in adjusting to our family, creating a sense of belonging and security. FAMILY HOME Following a modern trend in social welfare, Nana is designed as a household with a small number of members, which on the one hand provides a stronger sense of closeness and connectedness among members, while the other, guaranteeing a higher level of your privacy.
VITALITY AND LONGEVITY Commitment to mental and physical activity\'s stimulating effect not only on health, but increases vitality and clarity of mind keeps. CARE All users whose condition required, provides complete medical care and supervision by our team and our associates.
ENVIRONMENT Beautiful and spacious environment surrounded by a garden in a quiet street of one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade makes the stay comfortable and enjoyable. Many years of experience our team in working with the elderly, dependent users, people who require constant attention or are in recovery makes the quality assurance of the services we provide. Welcome to a short break or longer stay.