Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 20 Cedomilja Mitrovica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/3467-714, 060/3467-714, 063/710-33-55, 069/710-300
Fax: 011/3468-318
Website: www.domzastarekatarina.com

4.5/ 5stars

Katarina home for the elderly is licenced by the ministry for work and social policy. Number of edict: 022-02-00007/2009-19. Katarina home for the elderly was opened with the goal of providing quality services to elderly persons (mobile, immobile, mobility-impeded) while maintaining homey atmosphere. Our home's standard service includes: -acommodations in a specialized fascility, -nourishment adjusted to everyone's age and needs, - social services, socializing, -basic health protection. The accomodations of users is in a well-equipped, specialized object completely suited to their needs, with comfortable rooms which have two, three, four or six beds, all fully furnished for all needs. Nourishment is adjusted to every user's needs and age and contains of three meals with special attention given to diabetic, hypertonic and other special needs diets.

A social worker, in addition to their regular duties, are in charge of cooperating with all social institutions to enforce our users' rights if needs be. We offer the services of a qualified team of nurses-caretakers: - general hygene, 24 hours a day, -daily health status monitoring (taking blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar levels...), - care for immobile users in order to prevent bed sores, - bandaging and treating all wounds, -care and replacement of disks. Katarina home has a written contract with the emergency medical service. Our capacity is 28 users. HOME KATARINA, BELGRADE - WELCOME!