Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 22 Vojvode Vlahovica st., Brace Jerkovic
Belgrade Phone: 011/3960-154 (centrala), 063/313-515 (operater)

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SENIOR Mediclub
Senior mediclub provides maximum necessary and possible , and as one of the most important evidence for this is that the Senior mediclub is the first private entity of this type, which is authorized and controlled by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia .

Facilities like ours are trying to confirm their human nature , to society in general , and their own existence ...

It makes basic sense to our existence and our primary task is to provide :
- Maximum comfort
- Health and social care just to those who need it , especially to people in vulnerable elderly

The main activity of Senior Mediclub - a is defined by law and applicable regulations .

What is primarily :
- Accommodation and care of the elderly
- Nutrition guide
- Constant monitoring and control
- Providing proper treatment
- Organizing additional specialist examinations
- Social activities

Diet alone is fully adapted as age of users, so each user separately, if required by his state of health .

Also , all users are placed in the Senior Mediclub - in , completely taken care of and under the supervision and control of both house physician , and other medical staff .

Supervision includes:
- Continuously , twenty-four hour monitoring of the general state of user
- Providing proper treatment
- Control the state of health

For customers where the need arises , or that the desire to express particular , there is a possibility orrganizovanja and a variety of additional and specialist examinations .

What is the subject of medical care , but is also of great importance for all of our users, and the possibility of organizing various social activities and entertainment, with the main purpose to our customers , to the greatest possible extent , feel at home, which and is part of our primary task .