Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 8 Sergija Nikolica st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/3468-009

4.5/ 5stars

Suncana padina is a unique community of people of the third age, situated on the slopes of Medaković settlements in Belgrade. Homey atmosphere, which is reflected in the not too large size, elegant interior, beautiful sunny view of Belgrade, as well as good company, makes sunny slopes an excellent choice for life.

Convenience of residents at sunny slopes is supported by our commitment to satisfy each of them. Our specialized staff, which is at their service 24 hours a day, is dedicated to serving all of the members of this small community with respect.

We in the sunny slope are committed to provide services, organize activities of daily living and provide comfort that you deserve and expect in his third season.

Why the sunny slopes?

In addition to our excellent location and accommodation sunny slopes improve the lives of their citizens by providing them with high quality services in a comfortable and caring environment filled, building an atmosphere of dignity, privacy and respect. This is reflected in:

* Different ways to live a completely fulfilled life
* Spending time with friends when you want it
* Warm and safe environment
* The cozy relationships between staff and guests
* Shared laughter.


Accommodation in the sunny slope mean staying in comfortable, new and clean single and double rooms with private bathroom, individually controlled heating and cooling, TV and telephone.

Every day is an organized laundry service, transportation to necessary destinations in the city, as well as a haircut, shave, manicure and pedicure.

The courtyard is a place to relax and socialize in the fresh air. Beautiful panoramic view of Belgrade's trademark sunny slopes.

Meals are served in the restaurant's dining room, where guests can fully enjoy the specialties of the left that will prepare them every day.


Diet consists of 5 meals served delicious-breakfast, 2 snacks, lunch and dinner. Every day, for each of the meals are offered at least two types of food adapted to different tastes of guests. Nutritionist working closely with the chef to ensure that our customers receive healthy meals in sufficient quantities. Each specific application for low sodium diet can easily meet.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner are served:
* Domestic and savory pies,
* Hot and cold sandwiches with supplements,
Eggs and omelettes prepared in several ways,
* Bacon,
* Sausages
* Fresh fruit,
* Pancakes ...

For lunch we serve:
* Soups
* Traditional dishes cooked-cabbage, beans, stuffed peppers, stew ...
* Grill - kebabs, burgers, hangers, steaks, chops, ...
* The river and sea fish
* Italian cuisine-pizza, pasta, spaghetti ...

Look and Feel

Staff sunny slopes is ready 24 hours a day to keep an eye on everything, especially health care, the needs of every inhabitant of this small community. The doctor monitors daily population health, and to everyone who needs it the caretakers help everyday with bathing, dressing, taking medication ...

Special attention is paid to the organization of leisure board games and a rich cultural program. SEC week to organize an evening with live music, art exhibitions, book, movie nights and more. The library has many interesting books and magazines is available daily.

Each of the residents of Sunny Slopes to help in celebrating their personal and family celebrations, and celebrating together for all of us some important dates during the year. Visits to friends and relatives are still opportunities for joy and pleasure.

Every month, the sunny slopes organize day trips for cultural-historical monuments, churches and monasteries, and places of great natural beauty.

All of these activities are free.


People in charge of your comfort and health are:
* Manager
* Social Worker
* General Practitioner
* Cookbook
* Nurses

This small but dedicated service team will do everything to make you feel comfortable in our small community.


Sunny slopes
Serge Nikolic 8, Medaković village
11000 Belgrade