Hydraulics Belgrade

Address: 37-39 Bulevar vojvode Misica st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/3690-207, 3690-168, 3690-479 (fax)
E-mail: office@ppt-inzenjering.rs
Website: www.ppt-inzenjering.rs

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The company PPT ENGINEERING Belgrade is a good blend of experience and knowledge in the field of modern fluid technology, engineering and management.

Uniquely specialized company in the wider Balkan region, for design and construction techniques for fluid systems engineering principle (electro, electro-pneumatic and lubrication systems and grease under pressure, fully automated system that supports such).

A large number of references in the country and abroad, in a long period of 50 years is the best proof of our existence in the market and constant development. Sets us apart from the competition is that we have evolved into one large production system that has all the technology of fluid technique, they have created a resource of over 10,000 different products. However, we are not just other resources within the "first petoletka" but we have gained extensive experience as a designer of systems with components of the world's leading manufacturers: BOSCH - REXROTH, VICKERS, ATOS, Linda, HYDAC ...

We offer a complete engineering: From design and development, manufacture, installation and integration, to commissioning the most diverse system of fluid technique. In addition, we are involved in the field of engineering, reconstruction, repair and restoration of the system fluid technique.

In the past we have implemented over 2500 projects in the following areas:
• the power plants, dams, locks and drainage systems
• in power plants
• the mining-metallurgical plants
• Construction (equipment for lifting heavy loads, tunnel hull, tires for doors, windows and gates)
• in shipbuilding
• in the process industry

References PPT INZENJERING across Serbia, all the republics of the former Yugoslavia, then in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Colombia ...

We gave Belgrade a unique venture to raise the dome of St. Sava Cathedral, and hydraulic systems for the National Theatre stage technique.

Complex protection facilities of St. Petersburg Flood S-2, Russia (the largest in the world tablasti zipper: 116m width, weight 2750 tons)
Coke pusher, Siberia, Russia Mining Machinery in the open pit, Serbia

Electro - hydraulic system to defend Sficifa, Tunisia HE 'Se San 3', Vietnam