Hygiene Belgrade

Address: 44 Gospodara Vucica st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/744-02-52, 060/074-39-19

4/ 5stars

Pedant is a specialized agency that provides all services related to cleaning and maintenance of buildings and premises.

Headquartered in New Belgrade, in ENJUB shopping center in block 45, we provide our services to the wider Belgrade area, and our customers know that they count on us.

     Meticulousness in work
     Efficiency in implementing agreed commitments
     Reliability of the buildings and things
     Low prices
     The use of high-quality assets

We provide a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services for private apartments, houses, business premises, facilities, buildings, etc.. Our services are classified into the following categories:

First cleaning of buildings
Second Cleaning of new buildings
       * Rough cleaning
       * Finish cleaning
Third Cleaning machines
       * Daily
       * Periodic
4th cleanup
       * General
       * Periodic
       * Daily
5th Cleaning the stairs and entrances of apartment buildings
6th Help at home