Hygiene Belgrade

Address: 5a Mome Stanojlovica st., Knezevac // 117 Brace Jerkovic st., Brace Jerkovic
Belgrade Phone: 060/412-52-38, 063/743-28-94

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ECO-Cleaner has been in business since 2004, working in sanitation and ecological protection and cleaning services.

You can get our services in the territory of Belgrade, Pancevo and Valjevo where we have branches.

Sanitation and ecological protection


Carpet washing, carpet service
Washing upholstery - Kirby Rainbow
Cleaning, cleaning apartments, establishments, business areas
Maintaining buildings, yards, staircases, entrances


The services of car wash Asterix are based on the high quality services and affordable prices which is also a very important feature.

Our base activity involves all kinds of vehicles (car washing, jeep washing, pickup washing, combi vehicle washing, washing delivery vehicles, engine washing, scooter washing...)

In addition to the basic (light car washing) we also do extra washing, in-depth (chemical) cleaning, ungreasing vehicles, polishing cars and other vehicles.

As one of the very imporant car wash features we also offer washing carpets, carpet paths, mats with the highest possible level of service at affordable prices. We also transport carpets to and from your location. The price of carpet cleaning is 170rsd.

In addition to this we also have special offers and advantages for companies, taxis and other entities with large vehicle fleets. More on that in our company offer segment.

The approach to the car wash is from the side, next to the butchery Vule and bakery Lavi and even though we are only 50m away, there are five signs pointing to us.

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