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Industry Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology Scientific and technical cooperation: - Vocational and technical cooperation in the units of production and processing of meat; - Issuance of certificates of authenticity to export beef to the European Union; - Introduction of HACCP system in the facilities for slaughtering, meat processing and production; - The introduction of standards ISO 22 000, 9001, 14 001 in the meat industry, food industry, restaurants and supermarkets; - Consulting in conjunction with EU regulations, the United States and third countries that regulate the slaughter and meat processing and production of foods of animal origin; - Determination of veterinary-sanitary conditions in the facilities for the production of foods of animal origin
In the laboratory of the Institute, testing of food, items of general use, animal feed, urine and blood plasma, water for animals and swabs for microbiological testing. Types of tests are: - Sensory and physical tests and Parasitology; - Physical and chemical analysis; - Microbiological and Immunoassays; - Determining the content of mycotoxins, veterinary drug residues, toxic elements and other contaminants from the environment, allergens (gluten) and harmful (eg, melamine in milk)
Education experts from the meat industry and food industry in food safety. Institute of Meat Technology higjenu and has established a documented and certified system to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Laboratory of the Institute is akreitovana as required by ISO / IEC 17 025:2006. Laboratory of the Institute, the National Reference Laboratory for monitoring program veterinary drug residues and contaminants in the environment that can be found in the organs and tissues of domestic animals bred for human consumption, the primary animal products (milk, eggs and honey), domestic animals and fish according to the program and conditions of the European Union.