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About the Institute The main activities of the Institute for Literature and Art in Belgrade are literary-theoretical, literary-historical, comparative and poetics-related research. The Institute systematically monitors and studies the trends and the development of creative critical thought in the sphere of history and theory of literature, comparative literature, aesthetics and poetics, both in our country and abroad; it deals with issues of the methodology and terminology of literary studies, creates the foundation for work on literary history, works on scientific and critical editions of the works of various writers, compiles bibliographies and processed literary archive materials; it publishes collections of papers and monographs on literary movements, schools and the works of individual authors, it organizes scientific conferences and supports various forms of scientific research and professional training of scientific researchers, especially young researchers, etc. Research projects The research currently conducted within the framework of the Institute focuses on several different areas. These different research trends are best reflected by the projects of the Institute for Literature and Art: 1. The Role of Serbian Periodicals in the Formation of Literary, Cultural and National Models 2. Serbian literature in the European cultural space 3. Serbian Oral Tradition in an Intercultural Code 4. Cultural literary theory and the Serbian literary criticism 5. Change of poetic paradigms in Serbian literature of the twentieth century: a national and European context Apart from researchers employed at the Institute for Literature and Art on a full-time basis, outside collaborators of the Institute also participate in the projects. The latter include university professors and other scholars. Institute Publications The activities of the Institute for Literature and Art are best reflected by the broad scope of its various publications. Many of them are available as printed publications and can be obtained at the library of the Institute for Literature and Art. The publications that came out after 2006 are available in the digital format as well, and are accessible through the database, which can be accessed solely within the framework of the virtual library of the Institute for Literature and Art, at: Književna istorija The Književna istorija [Literary History] journal is published by the Institute for Literature and Art. You can download all available texts at: Scientific conferences One of the forms of research work within the framework of Institute projects are scientific conferences financed by the authorised Ministry - the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia. In terms of their level, the types of participants, the areas and the disciplines covered, these conferences can be national, regional or international in character; some of them are of a literary-theoretical nature, others are more focused on literary-historical issues, often involving other related scientific disciplines (aesthetics, culturology, philosophy, art history, ethnology), and are interdisciplinary in character. These conferences are also organised in cooperation with similar scientific institutions from other countries (Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), and national scientific institutions are sometimes involved in them, especially local ones (the central libraries of certain regions).