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Jewelry Belgrade

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Expert, cutting edge processing of raw materials and precise manufacturing process are the key features of this family venture which was initiated over 30 years ago. As result, today we offer the highest quality, home-produced jewelry which can rival the most famous world brands.

Browsing our offer, an entire palette of luxurious and exceptionally beautifully designed jewelry will unfold before you, ranging from the traditional and conservative models to modern, trendy and unusual designs, appropriate for all occasions and affordable for all.

We offer manual and machine production of the following pieces:
- Rings: ranging from the simplest, single-stone designs to massive pieces with demanding production processes, with both molten and hand-fitted jewels and gems, pears and zircons.
- Earrings: from the simplest links to exclusive, luxurious gemmed, jeweled and pearl earrings.
- Necklaces, pendants and chains: various types and lengths
- Bracelets: classic and standard moderns as well as elaborate, one-piece, massive, modern zircon variants or combined with Indian rubber.

For those who have decided to take the next step in their relationship, we offer an immense selection of engagement rings in white and yellow gold, traditional and modern designs featuring the finest quality stones. In our collection we have over fifty models of wedding rings, exclusively hand-made ranging from the famous English models, tri-gold rings, modern square designs or massive pieces from white gold and with diamonds. Per request, each ring can be anatomically designed from the inside and have engravings on either side.

In addition to wedding rings, we also offer a huge selection of jewelry for weddings and celebrations including anything from elegant necklaces, bracelets and earrings to cuffs and buttons.

We’d also like to remind that we offer all kinds of repairs, purchase your gold and fashion pieces per your order with professional consultation from our masters. We also evaluate the value of your jewelry and painlessly pierce ears.

What is for sure is that in Zlatarstvo goldsmith shop you can find any detail that will help you complete your image. Beyond that you will certainly be surprised with the pieces that will exceed all your expectation. With our kind staff and their professional suggestion, you are sure to find something for yourself or a present that will be remembered.

If nothing we have on offer satisfies your taste, feel free to challenge us with your ideas and place your offer – you will not be disappointed.

We respectfully await your visit: Zlatarstvo goldsmith in Belgrade


ZLATARSTVO Jewelry Beograd
ZLATARSTVO Jewelry Beograd
ZLATARSTVO Jewelry Beograd
ZLATARSTVO Jewelry Beograd