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Kids playgrounds Belgrade

Useful information

DO YOU WANT FUN? DO YOU LIKE GAMES? CALL TOP! WHO IS TOP? Studio for children animation Top has 15 members who work for five years already on program organization of all kind of children animation for pre-school and school age. We aware team of young people, mainly educational profession but among us there are actors, singers, athletes, scouts, ballerinas and we all contributes with our experience in working with children of different age, our creativity and spirit.
HOW WE WORK? Listening to children?s wishes and demands in all spheres of their interests (music, dance, film, theatre, sport, fashion) we are trying to offer contests that does not come out from frame of game and fun, but also have educational and corrective character. Choice of games and activities we conduct with children is adequate to age. WHERE AND WHAT WE ARE DOING? For five years already we successfully organize different programs aimed for children age 1-13 with most different number of participants (5-600) We organized over 1500 birthday?s parties in Belgrade, Mladenovac, Vrsac, Kanjiza, Kacarevo, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Nis? and we performed nig number of New Year programs in many firms and some of our activities were followed by media:
- COCA COLA MAGIC SQUARE (Square of Nikola Pasic December 2002-January 2003) - Summer and winter children camp on Ada Ciganlija and Pioneer city (organization of City Parliament and Ministry of education and sport)-2003, 2004, 2005 - DIRECT LINE to Belgrade children (square of Nikola Pasic , September 2003) - Children?s marathon 2003 and 2004 - HARIBO prize game- prizes distributions - Humanitarian program for children from Institute for speech pathology and psycho-physical disturbance - Humanitarian program for children disrupt in development SOS Bosko Buha from Zvezdara - Humanitarian program for children in refugee camps - LIBRARY ON BEACH - promotional activity of City library - Ada Ciganlija 2005 - Children animation when cement factory in Novi Popovac join HOLCIOM system
Our program was lead in close expanses as well in nature during whole year, meaning we had an opportunity to work on ice surfaces during winter period but in swimming pools, ships, rafts during summer. LET YOU LIFE BE A GAME, LOVE TOP!


ČIGRA Kids playgrounds Beograd
ČIGRA Kids playgrounds Beograd
ČIGRA Kids playgrounds Beograd