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Kids playgrounds Belgrade

Working hours

Monday 10:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 21:00
Thursday 10:00 - 21:00
Friday 10:00 - 21:00
Saturday 10:00 - 21:00
Sunday 10:00 - 19:00


  • Bus: 25, 25p, 74

Additional Locations

Useful information

Hiiiii friends! :)

We hope that you’ve already visited our playhouse, that you had a blast and made it your own. If not – hurrryyy and come to us so we can have lots of fun together!

We are open for playtime throughout the week, 10AM – 9PM except on Sundays when we have to go home early, so we close at 7PM.
And don’t let your parents tell you they can’t bring you here because there aren’t any parking spaces – we have free parking space in the TC Zira parking lot! All they need is to bring their parking ticket so we can stamp it and everything is great.

* Our playhouse is suuuuuper big and we have lots of toys waiting for you
* We also have an eco-park with wooden houses, see-saws, slides and swings that will make you feel like you’re outside. Heeeey, we even have clouds above the houses so it feels like you’re out in a real park.
* For our youngest little muffins we have a specially designed baby corner
* Guess what else we’ve got? We have indoor soccer and basketball courts...we have to admit to you, our little friends, that sometimes we can’t wait for you to come so we can play basketball with you. And would you believe that in our team the girls are much better at it than the boys? Can you believe it? No?! Neither can we! Hihihi! :)
* When we were kids, our birthday parties were usually at home, with only two kinds of sodas – black and yellow – as well as some mini sandwiches with pickles, mmm that brings back memroies... of course there was the cake made by our grandmas or moms and of course music! That’s why at our birthday shop we have made a Discoooo, where you can sing, dance, jump to your heart’s content.
* We have designed our playhouse so that you can go all over it and push pushers, drive Flinstones’ cars (if you don’t know what Flinstones are, ask your parents!), scooters, cars and bikes.

Ok, ok, we also have our trampolines and labyrinths.

There’s also the part for little future painters...

Oh, we’ve got a lot fun stuff and above all we have the heart, imagination and smiles which show up when we see you laughing, playing, imitating adults in all the good things and grow up to be real wizards.

We accidentally wrote a lot and we could write a lot more – because you guys are our inspiration for all kinds of shenanigans and ideas. Like a fun little man called Mr Minja Subota once said “CHILDREN FULL OF IMAGINATION ARE THE WORLD’S DECORATION”. So keep dreaming and we’ll dream with you.

Come so we can grow with laughter and games.

Frieeeends, W AIT, we’re not done yet! :)

When it’s time for your birthdays, our playhouse becomes a birthday shop!

If you like our birthday-playhouse you can use everything we listed so far and now we will tell you about what it’s like to have a birthday with us.

We celebrate birthdays all week long – it’s a non-stop party!

You choose the time you like, usually it’s on workdays starting at 6PM or 6:30PM and lasts until 9PM.
* Our basic package lets you rent out a part of our playhouse for adults for 2,5 hours (the kids get the rest of the playhouse, don’t worry :) ) and also gets you invitations, eating utensils, candles, fireworks, two animators, waiter, bar services, free parking and on workday all this costs =10.800,00RSD

On weekends, all of the above (until 4PM) costs 14,800RSD and after 4PM it’s 16.800,00RSD

Tell your parents to call us and check the terms for celebrations!

We have various packages that include a cake, food, juice boxes and more. For more information feel free to call us, we always like to talk and organize your birthdays.

We wrote a bunch of other stuff, but they told us nobody would read it so you don’t have to either – just come see us, we’ll be happy to have you over!

Our best helper in all of this is our dear, adorable Elsa!

And our good friend Mr. Photographer.

And our pinata maker, who makes the sweetest pinatas!

Lots of hugs and dreams from us,

your playhouse/birthday shop Zira.


ZIRA KINDERGARTEN Kids playgrounds Beograd
ZIRA KINDERGARTEN Kids playgrounds Beograd
ZIRA KINDERGARTEN Kids playgrounds Beograd