Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: 66b Rebeke Vest st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/4072-800,063/393-120

4.5/ 5stars

Children's playroom "MAGICAL WORLD PLUS" is located at No. 66b Rebecca West street, across from the elementary school "Desanka Maksimovic" in Konjarnik, close to the newly opened T. C. "AVIV PARK" Zvezdara. It stretches over 400m2. It consists of two levels.

Lower level - contains a cafe, games room, maze, trampolines, slides, bridges, swimming pool with balls, plastic gadgets for entertainment of young children, some with video games ... and much more.

Upper level - is a professionally equipped area for half-day and day care for children, where there can be creative classes, creative workshops ...

In our air-conditioned cafe you can relax with free use of internet, daily newspapers, music, TV, while our professional animators take care of your children.

Prices and terms of birthday celebrations
Work day:
Period 15: 00h-17,00h = 60.00 promo price 40.00 eur
Period 18: 00h-20: 30h = 100.00 promo price of 80.00 eur
Period 10: 00h-12: 30h = 100.00 promo price of 90.00 eur
Period 14: 00h-16: 30h = 120.00 promo price of 100.00 eur
Period 18: 00h-20: 30h = 120.00 promo price of 100.00 eur

All inclusive
We offer All Inclusive package, which includes space rental, complete bottled beverage, catering: 20 adults + 20 children at a price of 350.00 eur.

Leased space includes:
The room for a birthday party for a period of 2 or 2.5 hours depending on the term.
Animators, bartenders, waiters.
Complete animation children's pre-designed plan and program of games for children suited to their age.
Nintendo, karaoke.
The entire assortment of backing (caps, candles for the cake, cake fireworks, balloons, whistles, napkins, toothpicks, plastic plates for children, ceramic plates for adults, cutlery, DIS)

Drinks must be ordered from our bar, at reasonable prices.
Food can be organize yourself or let us organize with the help of some of our catering (Massimo, Harmony, Poco Loco ...)
When booking terms for birthdays you must pay a deposit in the amount of 3,000.00 dinars.
For further information and our regular discounts, please call us at +381 66393-198.
All the necessary information can be obtained via the phone. the number of every day (including Saturday and Sunday) in the period from 09h-22h.