Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: Klare Cetkin 7 st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 064/2472-064

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Pre-school age children who stays from 09-15 are divided to younger (3 and 4 years) and older (5 and 6 years) age. We work specially with them. Program for children aged from five to seven includes testing for school - consultation with pedagogue - artist workshops - science workshops - cultural workshops - English language.
Program for children aged 3-5 years - enrich experience by game - speech development - colors and shapes - drama, music and fine arts activities - mobile games. Specific work in Center is shown in choosing work method - method of drama workshop. We have chosen this method because with well planned stimulus - children lead to upper developing level - create self-confidence and tolerance - develop attention - learn different skills of express. Children are active all time - they are in active interaction - to each child we give possibility to express his feelings and thoughts, wishes- we do not estimate or criticize answers - each answer is respected.
THAT CONTRIBUTES TO CREATING ATMOSPHERE OF TRUST - During work children examine, exchange opinions and comes to9 solution. With this way children come to knowledge. Each year we have common Project for creative workshops. We are doing same contents with children but express in different ways. On drama workshop we led children gradually from one situation to another, we gave them actor tasks, they follow the story and at the end they play it. They practice diction, expression by speech, scene movements and imitations. On fine arts workshop they are making scene for play, picture characters in different moods and places. On music workshop they are seeking for solutions for drama situations, justify songs, find instrumental compositions that by character correspond to drama situation. On dance workshop they explore movement. How to find real movement to conjure up character, emotions, appearance of character they are playing. Realizations are artists. Preparation for school is done by program foundations of pre-school upbringing and education - model A. Realizations are teachers. We also introduce children with letters and spontaneously we teach them to write and read with cooperation with school pedagogue. During afternoons and on weekends center Luna organizes for children of pre-school and school age studio programs - drawing and painting school - drama studio - ballet. Realizations are artists. We organize birthday-s celebrations. Animations are specially designed, children have possibility of choosing and they are adjusting to age. Two animators amuse children.