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Working hours

Monday 07:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 07:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 07:00 - 18:00
Thursday 07:00 - 18:00
Friday 07:00 - 18:00
Saturday We are closed
Sunday We are closed


  • Bus: 17, 67, Eko1

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Considering the needs of children and parents, who spend more time at work, there was the idea of a private kindergarten where the children receive adequate care, attention and education until they start school. Name of the nursery was thought up by children and it is our wish that the children in our kindergarten feel at home: quiet, cozy and loved. Groups of less than 10 children, which contributes to the quality of work with children. A lot of attention is devoted to the furnishing of the building, both its interior, and obtaining didactic materials and supplies.

Kindergarten space is structured by the centers of interest:

- Centre for Development of Speech;
- Art Center;
- Architectural center;
- Center for dramatization and role play;
- Reading Corner;
- Research Center.

The kindergarten is located in a private apartment building, built in 2008, owned by the founder of the institution, so that children primarily enjoy a family atmosphere.

Behind the building (the street is closed to traffic), there are two playgrounds, one of them a brand new one with children's accessories equipped according to the latest standards in which children can be nice and safe to play.

The building also houses a renowned pediatric surgery, "Dr. Žutić", with which the nursery has regular cooperation in systematic check-ups of children, which are included in the cost of our fee.

Pay special attention to child nutrition, as it is extremely important for their development. Kindergarten has established cooperation with "Lido", which has extensive experience in the preparation and distribution of meals. A skilled team of dietitians and nutritionists prepare daily menus, meeting the needs of children for proper nutrition.

Meals are packaged in a three-part and two-part polypropylene tanks, thermosetting, closed six-layered thermo foil and transported to special boxes so that each child gets the right amount of meals planned.

Work program

Realizing the game as the leading activity in child development, our daily program is designed to allow children to develop their creative abilities, show initiative and broaden their experience. Our work program recognizes and encourages the full development of the child and his individual potential.

Upbringing of children up to 3 years old.

As priority tasks of care and educational work with children up to three years to determine the area of monitoring children's progress and development and learning, encourage the development of speech and parental involvement in children's adaptation process to the collective.

In order to improve the work with children up to three years, in addition to the regular educational work educators Jaslene groups will be intensified during the year to deal with the following subjects:'' Encouraging the development of speech in children'' and'' Game'' unstructured materials.

Educational work with children aged three to five and a half years (including preparation program for school)

Priority tasks in working with children of this age will be: Monitor children's progress in learning and development, development of speech and encourage the development of self-esteem in children, improve the collaboration with families with an emphasis on parent involvement in the planning and implementation of joint activities with the children and teachers. The realization of the theme negovaće's creative approach to research and practice.

More Programs

In accordance with the needs and interests of children and parents in the kindergarten to implement various additional programs. By selecting these programs strive to upgrade the quality of the regular process of education:

"Hopscotch English language" is based on a large number of appropriate content and activities of preschool children. Throughout the game, song, fun, drawing and acting adults acquire basic knowledge of English, primarily by developing the ability to speak and listen;

"Training schools" achieve the main goals of physical education by developing motorike.Navedeni goals are achieved through elementary Games, rhythmic and musical activities, games to develop fine motor skills, cross obstacles, sports games and mini games with orientation in space.

"Painting Workshop" is designed as a set of activities that help the overall development of the child's creative potential. Children are trained to be independent and free to visually express, experiment with different painting materials and techniques, explore their inner world and prošuju their knowledge of the world around them.

Speech Therapy program "Voice Workshop" is oriented to encourage speech development and prevention of rooting speech-language disorders. Speech and language stimulation integrated into playful context. The program includes elements of the demonstrated treatment of speech-language disorders through a correction in pronunciation votes and stimulating psychomotor and cognitive development.

Diet Day

Opening hours of kindergarten 7:30 to 18:30 h.

Parents decide when enrolling for full-day or half-day

child in the kindergarten room. The time of arrival of the child in kindergarten is flexible.

7:30 am-9: 00

Breakfast, a gathering of children with a selection of toys of their choice



Planned activities of the centers of interest (hopscotch English on Mondays and Wednesdays, ballet and taekwondo Tuesdays and Thursdays)

11h-11: 30

Preparations for the fruit snacks, snack

11:30 to 12:30

Combined sports and children stay in the fresh air

12:30 to 13:30

Preparations for lunch and dinner

13:30 to 15:30

Quiet activities and sleep for younger children


Afternoon snack

16h-18: 30h

Creative workshops kindergarten (drama, art, research ...), children leaving home.

Enrollment is ongoing

Enrollment in kindergarten lasts throughout godine.Prilikom enrollment application form parents fill the child that contains basic information about the child and family.

It is also necessary to enclose typos medical certificate that the child was healthy to stay in kolektivu.Uz certificate should submit a vaccination certificate and results of nasal and throat swabs should not be older than 5 days.

Terms of payment:

Agreement entered into between the parents (guardians) and is regulated by the kindergarten fees, method and terms of payment, and mutual obligations.

Price-day stay on a monthly basis is 220 € (7:30 h-18: 30h)

half-day and 150 € (7:30 h-12: 30h). blackmail includes all meals, schools of English, speech therapists and pediatric examinations, supervision of psychologists.

During the first week of adaptation in preschool children stay free.

The price does not include excursions, theater, ballet and taekwondo.

Professional staff

Professional staff consists of kindergarten:

- The founder of the kindergarten - Daniel Brozovic;
- Psychologist - Biljana Kojović;
- Teachers - Milena Andric and Goga Stoimenović;
- Speech therapist - Branka voters;
- English teacher - Vasilisa Brankovic;
- Physical education teacher - Ivana Vico;
- In pediatrics, "Dr. Žutić".

Parents Corner

One of the priorities in our work is to improve cooperation with the family and its active involvement in the life of the nursery.

Current forms of cooperation are as follows:

- Individual interviews-daily exchange of information between teachers and parents;
- Counseling for parents, interested parents can seek advice on child rearing and education of psychologists kindergarten;
- Boards for parents-current developments in kindergarten in all aspects of his work;
- PTA meetings-general (presentation of educational work with children) and thematic (topical deševanja in kindergarten);
- Open day kindergarten-monthly meeting with the parents of the child's progress and view the children's portfolios;
- Involve parents in the process of adaptation-in the first week of adaptation to parent together are allowed to stay with their child in kindergarten.
- Events and exhibitions of children's art.


Address kindergarten: Anti-fascist struggle 23v, New Belgrade
Tel: 011/311-72-07; 064/159-08-86