Kitchens Belgrade

Address: 1g Djordja Lazarevica st., Borca
Belgrade Phone: 064/212-33-11, Tel/ fax: (011) 3323-450

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Interior Lazic is engaged in designing and making furniture both to measure, as well as residential and commercial interiors, with the ability to monitor the works. All the Interior Lazic products is made to order - a separate and dedicated work with quality materials and careful craftsmanship.
We furnish commercial and public facilities: shops, boutiques, offices, cafes, restaurants, banks .... Development of interior office space to the existing work or our project.
You saw an almost perfect piece of furniture and would like to have a similar, but the dimensions are not right, and another color to blend better with existing furniture ... Think of us. For opportunities to the furniture made to measure the infinite.
Thanks to our professional team and their experience and knowledge, you can be sure that your residential or business premises be equipped according to your wishes, needs and abilities, so always be comfortable, functional and fashionable.