Laboratories Belgrade

Address: 31b Banatska st., Zemun // 44 Svetozara Markovica st., Slavija // 146 Vojvodjanska st., Surcin
Belgrade Phone: 011/2618-666, 2193-194, 2610-126, fax: 2618-724 // 011/3622-294 // 011/8443-797

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31b Banatska street 
Phone: 011/2193-194, 26-10-126 
Workdays: 7:30-17:00
Saturdays: 8:00-12:00

44 Svetozara Markovica street
Phone: 011/36-222-94 
Workdays: 8:00-20:00
Saturdays: 8:00-12:00

146 Vojvođanska street
Phone: 011/8443-797
Workdays: 7:00-16:00
Saturdays: 7:00-16:00



INEP is an institute for application of nuclear energy that deals in scientific research of biological, chemical, medical and physical-chemical sciences through projects in the area of base and applied research.

We realize the results of our base research through development and application of immunodiagnotic sets as well as laboratory services.

Within our Institute we have a laboratory for medical biochemistry, microbiology with parasitology and immunodiagnostics. (011/2610-126, 2193-194, 3622-294), which provides the following services:

-       Hormone analysis and tumour markers

-       Haematology analysis and coagulation

-       Antibody count

-       Immunoglobulin estimation

-       Biochemical analysis

-       Urine and stool analysis

-       Sperm analysis

-       Microbiological analysis

Within the institute we also do radio nuclei contamination analysis in groceries and general use items as well as microelements and heavy elements presence in the soil and herbal material.

INEP produces in vitro diagnostic tools such as pregnancy tests (GRAMEM plus) and ovulation tests (OVULIN)