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Manicures, pedicurists Belgrade
  • Address: 50 Vojvode Milenka st., Savski venac
  • Phone: 064/977-0363

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Cosmetic salon “My Divine Look” is located in Savski Venac at 50 Vojvode Milenka street in Belgrade. We began work primarily motivated by our desire to provide you with an adequate blend of interior and exterior beauty.

Seeing how we give equal attention to external and internal beauty, we have found the best way to bring out your beauty and uniqueness.

Cosmetic salon My Divine Look offers you the following services:


- Eyelash extensions using a 1:1 technique
- Eyelash correction and filling

Extending silken eyelashes is a semi-permanent procedure that improves the quality, thickness and length of natural eyelashes.

Pain-free method of extension and enlargement of eyelashes will make your gaze tickle the imagination of the opposite sex and bring your confidence up to a new level.


- Aesthetic pedicure
- Medical pedicure
- Spa pedicure

- IR treatment (infrared blanket)

The treatment is based on warming the body to a sweating point, which opens the pores, reduces toxins and free radicals, stimulates the circulation and performs a full body detox.


For the perfect appearance of your nails in any occasion the beauty salon “MY DIVINE LOOK” offers the best quality manicure and pedicure treatment with the use of professional polish and gels made by leading cosmetic manufacturers Crisnail and IBD. Whether you’d like classically polished nails in your favorite color, gel polish, aesthetic pedicure, chiropody or nail extensions, our professional team tries to bring your nails to perfection.

- Classical manicure
- Chiropody
- Nail extensions
- Permanent nail polish

WAXING – cold, hot

- upper lip
- half a leg
- full leg with crotch
- arms
- intimate zone

Waxing – hot or cold per your selection will make your skin smooth and gentle to the touch. Efficient waxing using cold or hot wax left to the hands of our professional cosmeticians is the best way to easily remove the hair from various parts of your body.

With our work, our cosmetic salon “My Divine Look” tries to help you find what makes you special and make it work just for you. We would like to enable you to gain confidence and feel good in your own skin. Just by taking care of both your inside and external beauty you will be able to shine.

Contact information:
Address: 50 Vojvode Milenka street
Mobile phone: 064/977-03-63



MY DIVINE LOOK Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
MY DIVINE LOOK Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
MY DIVINE LOOK Manicures, pedicurists Beograd