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Manicures, pedicurists Belgrade
  • Address: 205 Ustanicka st., Konjarnik
  • Phone: 066/208-823

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Beauty studio “Dama DM” is an exclusive salon in Konjarnik that offers excellent treatment for your nails, starting from classic manicure to colored gel polish or nail-art technique that will turn your nails into tiny art pieces.

In addition to the above in the pleasant ambiance of our salon we also offer you other treatments intended to bring out your natural beauty: hot and cold waxing. Hand care demands special attention and constant care because the hands are said to be the mirror of every person’s soul and character. In order for your finger and toenails to be healthy and nurtured, Dama DM offers you the following services.

* Manicure

- Classical
- Polish
- Nail extensions
- Chiropody
- Gel polish
- Spa manicure
- Gel strengthening
- Permanent French
- Correction

* Pedicure

- Aesthetic
- Medical
- Polish
- Gel polish
- Spa pedicure

If you are not satisfied with the appearance and quality of your natural nails, studio Dama DM is the right address for you. In addition to the classical manicure and pedicure with nail polish, in the pleasant ambiance of our salon we also offer you the services of nail strengthening, chiropody and extensions by using the highest quality gels. If you’d like imaginatively decorated nails for some special occasion, we offer you nail art techniques with hand nail decoration using a variety of motifs and decorations.

We would especially like to highlight the services of our medical pedicure which successfully solves the problems of fungal feet and nail infection, bunions, ingrown nails and sores. Our professional staff works with the highest hygiene standards and use sterile instruments.

If you’d like to rejuvenate your hands and feet, our recommendation is our spa manicure/pedicure where all your senses will be delighted.

Contact information:

Address: 205 Ustanicka street, store 24 within the marketplace
Mobile phone: 066/208-823



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