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Useful information

Open university “Znanje” (Knowledge) is the first private university for permanent staff education, in other words for education outside the official education system. We registered as a company on 14.06.2000. in Belgrade and in a short time have gained the trust of a large number of students who found in us a way to further educate themselves in their professional domain or a completely new profession.

Youth and experience of our employees guarantees quality teaching in following domains:
- School-aged children’s languages (English, German, French)
- Foreign languages for adults (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arab, Swedish and Norwegian)
- Computer sciences and information technologies (courses in: Windows, Word, Excel, internet usage, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Access, Linux, basic programming in C++…)
- Typing courses – one month course in blind typing, training for business secretaries, manager secretaries, director secretaries, tourism commercialists and dactylographic exams.)
- Management (training for hospitality managers, trade, tourism, marketing…)
- Beauty care training (men and women’s hair stylists, cosmeticians, pedicure and manicure artists, masseuses, makeup artist, depilation and more)
- Independent trade training for over 250 professions (car mechanics, car electricians, construction workers, carpenters, armature workers, plumbers, waiters, chefs, bakers, butchers, confectioners, construction machine workers, steam boiler workers, optometrists, goldsmiths, caretakers, gentrology nurses, forklift workers, machine lifter workers…)
- Training for shipping workers and foreign trade workers.

Our university which has its own protected certificates and name (by the Economic relations ministry decision – seal number 47729), we offer education for over three hundred professions, activities, qualifications and the like.

As of 2008. we also carry the quality system certificate number SRPS ISO 9001:2008 which makes our education practices internationally acclaimed. With additional documentation our degrees can be nostrificated abroad.

Another positive feature of our University is our dispersion in smaller cities across the country so that our practices aren’t limited to only Belgrade. We operate in over 30 cities across Serbia and have successfully realized many campaigns in many companies, both private and state.

Some of our ongoing partnerships include:
- The national employment agency
- Customs bureau
- Telecom Serbia
- Ivanjica roads
- Pozarevac roads
- Gemaks
- Teknoks
- Transped
- Credy bank
- Meridian bank
- DOR Novi Sad
- Danube insurance
- Large number of junior schools around Serbia
- Various humanitarian institutions

In the past 9 years we’ve maintained a partnership with the National employment service in order to provide professional training to unemployed persons who lack the qualifications currently sought by the employment market. Working with this public institution, we have trained over 3000 unemployed persons for professions such as hair stylist, cosmetician, construction machine handlers, bakers, traders, welders, gerontology nurses, caretakers. The percentage of employment in people who have completed our training is 67%.


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