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Through this partial view we would like to introduce ourselves and offer cooperation in the development of useful objects of Plexiglas (KLIRIT) needed in your market are delatnosti.Na for many years and you can be assured of professional workmanship and the product is available from us.

- Wide variety of materials that can be engraved, will satisfy your wish to finally be creative. On leather, rubber, wood, acrylic, plastic, to marble and anodized aluminum, you can draw, write, mark, cut and engrave course ...

- Seals are made by laser engraving on the wheel, which provides durability and print quality of the silicone seal. The wide range of machines with different dimensions one that fits your needs.
- To come out of the stamp is required to provide a copy of the decision on registration of the firm. Preparation or we can send it to me to create for you.

Laser cutting
- Laser beam is 0.25mm thick, which allows us to carry out a very precise cutting. Complex forms and precise cuts are not a challenge to the latest generation of lasers. All you need is to send or bring to us a drawing prepared in the appropriate digital format.
- The format must be a vector 1:1. Supported formats include the Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Cutting line must be hairline otherwise the laser will engravings.
- It is desirable that the drawings have the extension (cdr, eps, ai)
- If you are planning to bring the material to a cutting we recommend that you leave the drawing margin of 3 mm to avoid damage and reduce the possibility of error in laser cutting. The working area machine is 300mm x 600mm


- Board Companies
- Small number of
- Office Hours
- The Central Board info
- Table to highlight stories
- Designation of technical spaces
- Acrylic sticker for rooms
- Number of
- Pictograms
- Indication of hydrant
- Acrylic holder information
- Acrylic key chain
- Inventory table
- Caption for lapel
- Directions ...

A limited liability company in the production and uslige laser engraving and the manufacture of acrylic plexiglass. Satisfied customers who are coming back are the best proof that it is a trusted company.

Be a part of our success.

With respect AKRIL ART team