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- Office supplies
- School supplies
- Office stationary

- Paper stationary

- Photocopying
- Spiral binding (PVC)
- Bookbinding
- Lamination (A8-A4)

Office supplies
POLI BUERAU ltd. deals in selling office supplies in wholesale and retail.

By office supplies we mean all the products used every day in an office environment such as envelopes, memos, registers, files, forms, documents, ledgers, stationary, whiteboards, markers, calculators, scissors, tabletop miscellanea, staplers, clips...

POLI BUERAU ledger includes over 4000 articles including office supplies, all of which we offer for wholesale or retail and deliver in the agreed time at the agreed location.

Don’t let yourself have to buy expendable office material every day and always miss something which then impedes your work. Equip your office and office space any way you please and with everything you may need and enjoy efficient and uninterrupted work. Equip your office with us, buy affordable and high quality office supplies in one place. Rely on us! You can get anything you need to do business from us and we will make sure that everything you ordered is delivered where you want it in the agreed time.

Office supplies for you at very affordable prices! Call us!

In our offer you can also find dyes for Postalia Frankir machines (for franking) and stickers for them as well.

Office Equipment

By office equipment we mean all the machines and gadgets used in offices which you may need in your place of business: for sending faxes and e-mails, printing and copying, fax machines, phones of all kinds...

Office equipment can be purchased from us in wholesale and retail and is ordered per buyer’s request and then delivered to the agreed destination. Since we make the order whenever you place it, this means you needn’t worry whether we have it in stock, you can order anything in our offer anytime you like in any capacity you prefer.

Just like office supplies you require office equipment to efficiently do business every day. It is unimaginable to work in an office with no computers, phones and other technological devices. Things constantly need scanning, printing, faxing or e-mailing and for all your needs we are here to take your order.

School supplies
We also offer school supplies made by the world’s highest quality brands for all our hard working students.

We have school supplies for junior and high schools, including school bags, pencils, chalk, crayons, highlighters, pencil cases, notebooks, pastel colors, sketchbooks, clay, glue, scissors, all kinds of paper, rulers, geometry tools, maps, exercise notebooks, pens, roller pens, correctors, spiral notebooks, files, calculators, paus paper...all that your kids may need from junior school to university.

POLI BUERAU sells school supplies as wholesale and retail. Once you place your order we will deliver it to the agreed location.

Promotional material
In our offer you can find affordable promotional material and tools for your company. With over 2000 articles our available products include: lighters, keychains, planners, calendars, pens, files and other printed promotional material. We offer branding services using laser engraving, tampon printing and screen printing. Choose us and you will get elegant promotional material at very affordable prices. Be economical, get the finest promotional material for your company at affordable prices. Don’t let yourself be forgotten, brand your gifts with us.

Surprise your business partners with gifts anyone would be glad to receive, show your attention with these thoughtful tokens. We offer a wide selections of products for your business partners, promotions, seminars, conferences...

Promotional material with your logo is great advertising for your company!