Optics Belgrade

Address: 20 Deligradska st
Belgrade Phone: 011/2641-592, 011/2646-509, 064/1142-763
E-mail: office@ocnaordinacijaneva.nr.rs
Website: www.ocnaordinacijaneva.nr.rs

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Eye Clinic NEVA founded in 2000, with headquarters in Belgrade and the branch at 20 Deligradska street. Owner and founder of the clinic is Prof.Dr.Sci.Med Ljubica Krstic, who specializes in eye diseases. The main activity is the association of health services ophtamologic directions. In order to perform these activities, practice has a complete ophthalmologic equipment.
SERVICES ● Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases - Modern methods for diagnosis of eye diseases ● All laser interventions in eye - laser interventions in eye of diode laser (treatment of diabetic and other retinopathy, treatment of degenerative changes in the retina, rupture of the retina and retinal ablation sektorastih, treatment of intraocular tumors, lasertrabekuloplastika et al.) - YAG laser intervention: the treatment of glaucoma closed chamber angle (Iridectomy), removal of secondary cataract and others. ● outpatient surgery - all small operations on the eyelids and conjunctiva of the eye including the aesthetic ● Contact lenses - determination of contact lenses of all kinds (soft, gas permeable, toroidal) ● Glasses