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Useful information

Eye TRIOOPTIC salon was established in April 2007. Its headquarters in Belgrade AT 80V Vidikovački range, shop 29. Owner and founder of the Salon: Vesna Zinaić.

The main activity of the eye salon TRIOOPTIC the control of visual acuity and refractive error determination, the sale of prescription eyeglasses, prescription and fitting of protective lenses (glasses), contact lenses, cosmetic lenses (colored lenses, diagnosing and therapy of visual impairment and strabismus.

The eyebrow salon uses a computer to determine the refractive error, optotypes, Bril tape, test ram, vizuskop, stereo test, the prism. Control of visual acuity is performed using optotypes. A dioptric setting on Nikon kerato-reflectometer
Prescription FRAMES
Of the many models of prescription frames in our offer you can get all the models of the world's top producer TONY MORGAN, ALL TIME (Italian), AMADEUS, LA CLUB. The frames are made of quality materials, special alloys and special types of plastics.

Diopter lens (glass) to install the products in the Serbian factory "Paul" who has a certificate issued at EU headquarters in Munich.
Our offer includes mineral monofocal, bifocal and progressive lenses and organic monofocal, bifocal progressive lenses and passive mineral organic mono blades are different vision correction at distance or near.

Bifocal mineral organic are used for distance and closeness in one lens, a progressive mineral or organic, of distance, middle distance (2-3m) and close to the first sočivu.Sva these lenses can be made with a layer of HC, HMC coating with UV protection, color, and photo-variant Graduale.

Diagnosis and treatment of persons with amblyopia and strabismus conducted graduate special education teacher.

Treatment methods are very successful, and affordable prices.


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