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Address: 16 Kraljice Marije st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 063/372-171, 064/15-777-42

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Single month intensive salsa courses, double lessons, 16hrs total for only 5eu.
Candidates of this course can then go on to attend:

1.     Free promotional educational program every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm (8 lessons)

2.     Introduction through dancing every other Thursday at 9pm (2 lessons)

3.     Dance nights, hanging out every other Thursday 9pm – 12:30am (9 lessons)

Which amounts to 16 salsa lessons + 8 promotional lessons + 2 introduction lessons + 9 dance nights = a total of 35 lessons for only 600rsd! Or in other words, 14rsd per single lesson.

New and never before seen in Belgrade, the dance club Milonguero in Belgrade starts this kind of introduction on 19th of November at 9pm in the dance hall.

More info at our Facebook group.

1.«ЗНАКОМСТВА В ТАНЦЕ»("introduction through dancing ") 
2. Танцуем и знакомимся("dance and meet ") 
3. Dance Dating
4. Salsa

This season too we continue to surprise you. This time we have something special in store – meet through dancing. We won’t reveal all because that would ruin the surprise, we will only say that it is a civilized meeting of people through dancing while obeying dance protocol.

The purpose of this is:
- cultural and quality learning about dance etiquette
- excellent for those who don’t have a lot of time but would like to dance AND meet someone new
- those in search of a partner for dance, companionship or more
- single persons who would like to find a dancing partner 

Applicable for young and old, your skill level doesn’t matter and the lesson lasts for 45mins, teaching dance etiquette to select music, dance steps and contact with your partner.

The physical benefits of dancing for your overall health go without saying.

You will know when you’ve found the right partner. 

You must apply by phone, come to the enlistment and learn about our house order by Wednesday so that you know what you’re doing on Thursday.

All of you who would like to meet someone in a sophisticated way should come and join us! 

More info on our website

Couples take the dance stance while they dance so they grow accustomed to the presence of their partner and all that such closeness brings. Dancing encourages socialization and friendships for a lifetime while at the same time doing a fun activity that’s beneficial to your health. When we dance we gain more confidence and are more prepared to face everyday life. Truly dancing is one of the most noble human activities.

Advantages of regular dancing include but are not limited to straightening your spine and posture, general condition, self-confidence, more optimism, motion coordination, exploration of your emotions, better concentration and creativity, body awareness and much more. 

Once you learn a dance it stays with you. After the lesson you will feel energized knowing that you’ve learned something that will last you a lifetime. Some of the lessons involve teaching dance etiquette that will serve you well in all the world’s dance floors.