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Address: 17 Rige od Fere st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 065/4094-033, 011/2184-019

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ALFA & MISS Pet shop offers a wide selection of the world's leading food manufacturers.
In our store you can find everything to make your pet healthy, happy and cared for.
From our extensive range of products includes:
- Food for dogs and cats
- Canned food, pate, SOSIC
- Sweets and treats
- Food for birds, fish and rodents
- Cosmetic products
In order to give your pets best meals, ALFI & MISI Pet shop can offer food for dogs and cats from the leading manufacturers: Royal Canin, Best Chioce, Josera, Whiskas, Matisse, Pedigree, Gourmet and many others.
Pet shop ALFI & MISI offers a large selection of cosmetics for your pets: shampoos, conditioners, and other hygiene and care. We also offer a wide selection of toys, so that your pets have always been happy and playful.
Besides the large selection of food, we can find many treats and toys which you can delight your little pet.
Cosmetic products at the best prices.
Working time:
Monday - Friday from 09h-20h
Saturday from 09h-16h