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Address: 11 Bulevar Crvene armije st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 060/7261-487
E-mail: info@urbanpets.rs
Website: www.urbanpets.rs

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Pet shop pets Urban is located in New Belgrade in Belville, at Djordje Stanojevic 11 / 4P (building Hyacinth). Boundless love for animals and understanding their needs motivate us to approach our work every day very responsibly. The offer for you have everything your dog or cat needs to be kept healthy and looks neat.

Our product portfolio consists of:

- For dogs
- Cat

- For dogs
- Cat

- For dogs
- Cat

Sincere animal lovers will welcome you at our pet shop and offer you high quality items that will satisfy the daily needs of your pets for food and make them beautiful and clean. Following international trends and innovations, we strive to make our range of products is complemented constantly. Low prices of our products are our way to thank you for your trust and facilitate you taking care of pets.

Our pet shop every day gathers playful dogs and cats which closely follow their owners. Whether you come to find dry or canned food for your pet, treat the same, some of the equipment for combing hair or swimming, our friendly and professional staff will assist you and answer all your questions.

Also we will offer you a number of toys, transporters and lounge chairs for dogs and cats. Because the love of animals include care about them at a satisfactory level, our team strives to provide you with food, nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, cosmetic - hygiene and other equipment that will allow your pet to be healthy and beautiful.

Working time:
- Weekdays from 10 - 21h
- Saturday from 10 - 17h

Contact Information:
Address: Djordje Stanojevic 11 / 4P - Belville (building Hyacinth)
Mobile: 060/7261 487
info@urbanpets.rs ">Email: info@urbanpets.rs
www.urbanpets.rs ">Website: www.urbanpets.rs

All in one place for pets.

Food, cosmetics and accessories for dogs and cats.
The quality and favorable prices.

Urban Pets, Novi Beograd, Belville.