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From 01.10.2010. new owner takes over the photo shop BG Elite Photo. The owner is a fourth generation family Simic photographic tradition stemming back to the 1908th year. Color photo are made since 1972. year. Processing color images for Agfa printers start since 1976. We are working with the most advanced technology to produce images on the market. Work in this area is accompanied by a corresponding degree. ************************************************** ************* ** Production photos HD - A new dimension of photography Making digital images on the latest market fotomašini - Noritsu 37HD. An impressive 640 dpi (640 x 640) to 12 bits produces 79 million points in the format 30 × 40, which is five times more than the other fotomašinama. The new 12 bit laser system is able to produce an unprecedented range of tones in digital photography. The extended range of tones is especially true when creating images with digital cameras that have a 12 bit chip. Creating images on standard photographic paper with photographic processing chemical process Kodak RA4 at 37 degrees and the processing time of 5 minutes. RA4 process is designed to convert the latent image in the photo. The advantage of this procedure in relation to the procedures ubrazane at 45 degrees and a time of 1 minute are really defined colors, greater durability and display fine detail. Formats 10 × 15 13 × 18 15 × 21 30 × 30 20 × 30 30 × 45 Making the arbitrary form of the paper width 127mm, 152mm, 305mm, depending on the proportions of your source files. ** Panoramas Ability to create panoramic images to a width of 152mm and 305mm and maximum length of 914mm. ** Top Fujicolor Fotopapiri Fujicolor Supreme and Professional Fotopapiri DP II is characterized by faithful color reproduction and excellent stability. Choice of glossy, matte, pearl and silk paper surface. ** Completely black and white photos to color paper A new way to control the laser exposure and allows the creation of an absolutely black and white images on color paper and classical RA4 chemistry. ************************************************** ************* ** Mechanical and manual film developing Width: 110, 120, 135, APS Procedures: C41 color negative black and white film - Ilford chemistry Slide E6 - Kodak Chemistry cross process E2C Machine development is done in the Noritsu QSF movie machine. Given the constant number of developed films every day, chemistry is always fresh. Photo BG Elite is the only laboratory that performs photo slides in the development process E6. ************************************************** ************* ** Large Format Printing Making large-format photographs, posters and advertisements Large Format Printing on the latest Epson K3 pigment ink jet plotter last generation. Epson plotters each generation sets new quality standards that follows the competition difficult. K3 pigment inks provide unparalleled color reproduction and durability of 200 years indoors. Z58TR maximum width of 160 cm, length of the almost unlimited. The maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi printing and provides clear detail. Width of 160 cm Resolution 2880 x 1440 dpi UltraChrome K3 pigment colors Print only with the original and authorized bojana materials. Professional calibration and correction of your images to get exactly what you want. Available in matte, glossy, satin, lustra photo paper, PVC adhesive, backlit film and canvas (canvas). ************************************************** ************* ** Production photos over the Internet Currently it is possible to send images via FTP to create the service. Soon he begins work, and a web service to create images through interenet. If you want to activate the service of sending and Prints by ftp fill this form and the required parameters will be passed. ************************************************** ************* ** Professional scanning and archiving Professional scanning of all film types-adjusted images on specialized equipment. Correction of minor scratches and damage. Packaging films and archiving of persistent media Kodak tested at 200 years. Resolutions are the same for color, black and white and slide films. Normal 135 2000 × 3000 135 HD 3650 × 5444 6 × 6 × 1818 normal 1818 6 × 6 × 3636 HD 3636 110 (Pocket) 1830 x 2370 The ability to scan APS films plan, panoramic shots. Scan photos and other printed media at up to 4800 x 9600 4.0 Dmax ************************************************** ************* ** Production photos for all kinds of documents Reviews for: Passport Visas ID card Driver\\\'s license GSP Student Index Students\\\' book All types of certification Preparing for the digital format as an American visa and other documents. Photo and photo services within 10 minutes. Multiblitz professional lighting.