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COPY SPRINT is an action for photocopying, scanning and digital printing on paper all formats of weight to 300g / m2
We offer:
- Plotting - printing line drawings to a width of 1067mm color or monochrome with your plot style included. Express package and book binding projects of your choice at the best prices
- PRESS posters, plans, maps ....
on different media weights from 80g to 250g matte, glossy and canvas.
We are compatible with all graphics programs
(Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW ...)
- Photocopying and printing professional appliances last generation
- Scan input up to 1067 resolution up to 2400dpi, and further digital processing of the scanned material
- Caching posters on carton foam thickness of 3 mm and 5 mm, which is aesthetically appropriate for exhibitions, presentations ...
- Binding wire and plastic spiral up to 480 sheets, and the hardcover with a large selection of colors and cover letters
Such action exist from 2002. Once the YBC in Novi Belgrade, and since 2012 the. the Zvezdari, at the corner of Demetrius Tucovica and Igman road.

Our many years of experience in the business, quality guarantee unconditional and respectful and professional relationship with the client.
Visit us, try us and your concern about the printing and preparation of materials
to us!
With full confidence we can send materials to print to our e-mail address:, and we will notify you of the terms end, and for larger quantities and make your home!


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