Pies, pie shops Belgrade

Address: 188 Tosin Bunar st., store 8, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 060/6689-884, 011/319-18-91 // 060/6689-886 // 060-6689-887

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Our actions will always welcome you with friendly staff and fresh pies. In the morning, from 7 to 21 and you can try the veal meat pie (burek) pie with cheese, cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms and chopped meat and potatoes (burek colorful) and the sweet of baklava with walnuts and Urmašice cherry pie and apple pie all are stored in oil. Pies are sold by the kilo from 350 dinars to 545 kg. order a pie on the phone 3,191,891th Larger quantities should be ordered the day before. We invite you to come, especially pregnant women who can eat here for free, obliged only to bring us pictures of babies. Welcome.