Pizzerias Belgrade

Address: 29g Kneza Viseslava st., Rakovica
Belgrade Phone: 011/3056-482, 011/3056-468, 011/2561-699
Fax: 011/3056-483
E-mail: picerija.dragulj@gmail.com

4/ 5stars

Cafe Pizzeria Dragulj is located at 29g Kneza Viseslava street in Vidikovac, Belgrade. Our mission is to bring the spirit of Italy to our guests with our extensive offer of the most delicious Italian specialties.

In our pleasant ambiance our staff will be glad to assist you while you’re surrounded by a homey atmosphere, positive energy and wonderful flavours. All our food is made using age-proven recipes and the freshest ingredients.

Our specialty – the pizza – is made with very thin, circular crust with well known ingredients such as tomato sauce, meat, vegetables, fruits and many spices. The originality of our flavours and shapes knows no bounds. The pizza is especially characteristic to Neapolitan cuisine and is today considered one of the most widely spread dishes in the world.

Our menu includes:
- Appetizers -  Bruschetta, Bruschetta prosciutto, Piatto di formaggi, grilled cheese, Panccetta prugna...
- Spaghetti - -Milanese,alla Carbonara,bolognese,frutti di mare,pomodoro fresko,Ammatricana
- Lasagne - -lasagne Bolognese, lasagne jewel
- Pasta – americana, vegetarian sauce, salmon, pepe prosciutto, formaggi, pesto, pomidoro, fresko...
- Tortellini – quattro formaggi, prsuto grudo, ricotta, spinach...
- Pizzas – funghi silvestre, quattro formaggi, capricciosa, Quattro stagioni, Divola,...
- Order made meals – chicken – Moroccan, baked, chicken breast, chicken province kebab, mustard chicken, gorgonzola chicken, mushroom...
- Order made meals – steak – natur, pepper sauce, grilled with mocarella, peppers, cherri tomatoes,pizzaiola,stracetti..

Enjoy the unique flavours of Italy prepared with lots of love and imagination by our high quality chefs. Spend a good time with family and friends in this beautiful part of Belgrade.

Working hours: 9AM – 11PM

Contact phones: