Printing-houses Belgrade

Address: 165 Cara Dusana st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/4055-376
E-mail: zemunplast@gmail.com
Website: www.zemunplast.com

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PRINTING HOUSE ZEMUNPLAST PRESS has modern graphical machines and so it's able to realize most of the requests for high quality printing products. We also offer graphical preparation and design and that way complete our offer. Our goal is to constantly elevate the levels of quality, products and services. We strive to give all our clients affordable prices and high quality printed and designed material in the shortest possible time. In our production process we use digital and offset printing.


The most commonly used printing technique where the image is transferred from the graphical form through a rubber-lined cyllinder to the printed material. This way of indirect printing offers high quality of printed material.

There's several kinds of indiract printing (flat, tall and deep) of which flat offset is most commonly used today. It is used for over 80% of printing processes around the world. The advantages of offset printing are that we can print various products in high numbers and at low market prices.

When it comes to offset printing you can come to us if you need to print: books, brochures, magazines, bulletins, catalogs, posters, flyers, leaflets, price lists, envelopes, boxes, flyers and block goods.



Digital printing was primarily intended for printing small and medium and small tirages. Technology enables us to in just a few hours give you your catalogues, brochures, prospects, flyers, calling cards, invitations, testing prints and anything else you need and that would normally last for several days or not be economic due to small tirage.

In digital printing we can offer you: calling cards, stickers, posters, catalogues, declarations, stickers, coasters, blocks. We work on panel materials and PVC foil.


In our offer we have car graphics, display window branding, window graphics, floor graphics, billboards, tarpaulins and other advertising surfaces, roll-ups.


Finishing is the final stage of graphic production where the product gets its final shape and form. In our graphical finishing we offer: cutting, bending, stancing, bigging, numeration, connecting via spiral, clamming, caching.


Advertising material that contains of advertising pens, lighters, pencils, umbrellas, notebooks, keychains, notepads, calling cards and the like are the most common kind of promotional products. These are the products which everyone likes to get. Rich selection of advertisement products guarantees an offer for all tastes and intensions. You can get informed about our offer of advertisment materials in our website: