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Address: 35 Cerska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 063/242-606
E-mail: tamara.tomovic@mindprotect.rs
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Emotional intelligence is the collective of emotional and social skills that are one of the prequisites in your being more successful and achieving better results in the private and work segments of your life. The center for Emotional intelligence is located in Belgrade. The leader of the center of Tamara Tomovic.

The majority of successful companies test their work candidates in the area of emotional intelligence because it has been proven that persons with higher emotional intelligence are more successful in communication, achieve more and the companies have better results with emotionally intelligent workers. These skills are also sought in higher management and leadership positions and it is very important that they are improved for the development of high EI persons.

Emotional intelligence includes the following areas: self-awareness, expression, relations with others, decision making and stress management.

In the center MIND PROTECT we conduct validated tests for candidate analysis and individually describe parameters of emotional intelligence. We indicate the advantages of candidates but also the skills that need to be developed. The emotional intelligence can be worked on so we have prepared various workshops and trainings that help develop skills in individual and group work.

We also offer individual counseling and support for persons with emotional problems through Rational Emotional Behavioral therapy.

It is our goal that in the individual and group work you learn skills that will let you get to know yourself, plan, manage change, make decisions, overcome stress and be more satisfied and successful.

The center also offers training in leadership skills, assertiveness, introducing changes, team leading and others.

It is best to contact us through e-mail at: tamara.tomovic@mindprotect.rs  or through phone: 011 6438883