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Useful information

Specialized car service began work in 2014 with the goal of providing the best service quality at very affordable prices. Servicing, maintenance and repairs for your Mercedes can be left to us.

All for Mercedes in one place:
* Car diagnostics,
* Car electrics
* Car electronics
* Car mechanics
* Car parts
* Oil and filters
* Air conditioning servicing
* Ventilation and heating service
* Manual and automatic gear shifting service
* Small servicing (replacing all filters and motor oil)
* Great servicing (replacing belts, water pumps, etc)
* General engine repairs
* Replacing clutch systems
* Replacing and repairing brake systems
* Installing xenon, parking sensors
* Professional machine polishing, waxing, nano-protection of all exterior surfaces
* Professional deep cleaning, cleaning and leather interior care
* Full maintenance for A class, B class, C class, E class, S class, ML class, G class, GL class, CLK, GLK and GLC

Thanks to the modern computer car diagnostics, we can very quickly and precisely establish where the malfunction on your Mercedes happened. Modern technology, equipment and tools allow us to resolve all irregularities on your vehicle and make it run smoothly.

When it comes to electrics, we'd like to highlight automatic lights, aware of the fact how often during the day we forget to turn them on. In order to avoid unnecessary fines, we will make it so your lights automatically come on when the engine starts and turn off when it stops working.

With regular air conditioning service and re-charge of its freons, you will enjoy driving in any weather. Also, if you need installation or repairs for xenon, central locks and window raisers, our professional mechanics will be happy to serve.

In the service we represent all the renown brands of manufacturers for original and spare parts and oil of all brand gradation. All the parts and lubricants we use are approved and recommended by the Mercedes-Benz company.

Special benefits for servicing and maintaining vehicles for companies.

Specialized CAR service!

At your service.

Phone: 0613090020
Viber & Whatzup: 0613090020

Our promotional offer with exceptional discounts can be tracked at:

Professional machine vehicle polishing using M3 professional paste in three coatings! FREE waxing!

For your Merceds, the 3M Professional program! The polishing is done using a professional polishing machine with professional 3M sponges that suit the paste granulation.

Description of the procedure:

Step 1 - removing unevenness. 3M Fast Cut Plus paste is the first paste that is applied for thorough car polishing as preparation. Along with the green 3M sponge for polishing, it is there to remove the small bumps and shine the polish. It removes the mat layer of polish and reduces the visibility of scratches.

Step 2 - polishing. The 3M Perfect-it III Extra Fine Paste is the second paste that uses the yellow sponge for high-shine polishing serves to soften the polish. By polishing with this paste, the surface gains a beautiful and even appearance.

Step 3 - the finishing shine. We apply the 3M Perfect-it Ultrafine SE polish paste for vehicles with the help of the blue polishing sponge in order to achieve the vest possible finish. This paste polishes until high shine. It is used to finish up the polishing process.

Let your Mercedes shine at its best! 

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Computer vehicle diagnostics using original Mercedes diagnostics with error reading and deletion.

Check for errors and malfunctions on your Mercedes!

The offer includes:

- Computer car diagnostics using original Mercedes diagnostics with error reading and deletion.

The manufacturers nowadays install electronic systems into their new vehicle models which follows the work of the vehicle and signal any irregularity in work. The installed computer follows the work of electronic sensors, notes down various events and irregularities and signalizes them via light signals on the command board or it disables the work of the vehicle.

Computer diagnostics is used on cases when the vehicle's computer signals a malfunction of the entire system or a part of it. Most commonly it's a lit up orange lamp with the engine symbol or the 'check engine' label on the command board. The warning that the computer gives doesn't show any specifics of the problem. Only trained operators who use computer diagnostics can give you the precise answer on the cause of the problem. The main principle of car diagnostics is based on making sure that every module in the vehicle (engine, abs, climatronic etc...) has a memory that records all malfunctions or errors that happened during driving.

The details of our offer and how to obtain our discounts at:

Professional cleaning and care for vehicle leather interior

Cleaning and maintaining the vehicle interior is very important because this is the place where we spend the most time when we use our vehicle. Leather or leather imitation in the vehicle contributes to the style and beautiful appearance of your vehicle interior but also demands more attention and maintenance than plasstic does.

The service involves:
Professional cleaning and care for Mercedes vehicles' leather interior with the use of high-quality purpose-made products from renown manufacturers for leather interior care with the following characteristics:

- fluid with new leather smell
- deeply cleans impurities and stains
- restores the leather softness and glow
- protects from UV radiation
- protects the leather from fading, drying and cracking
- extends the durability of leather seats
- the product is specially designed for use on seats and leather surfaces in motor vehicles.

The details of our offer and ways to use our discounts can be found at:

Ultrasound injector cleaning! Reduce fuel consumption!

The offer includes:
- Cleaning gas injectors in a modern ultrasound tub

Reduce fuel consumption and save money on expensive repairs, restoring the strength of your engine. We especially recommend this for engines with gas systems in city driving conditions. It corrects poor engine performance due to unclean injectors and better utilizes fuel. If you want your vehicle to work like clockwork again, we recommend ultrasound injector cleaning.

Modern petrol engines have an injector system instead of obsolete carburetors. At the end of the system there are electromagnetic valves - injectors, whose task is to disperse a mixture of fuel and air in the form of fine mist.

The entire fuel injection system and injectors especially are very sensitive to dirt which finds its way into the system. The most common cause for injector clogging are impurities that have found their way into the system one way or another. Low quality fuel, irregular fuel and air filter replacement are main causes for buildup which then creates problems with air/fuel mixture passing through smaller injector openings. The dirty injectors can't properly disperse fuel, but rather they create bigger droplets that the spark can't ignite.

As prevention for injection system problems, you should regularly replace fuel and air filters. In most cases, the selection of quality fuel and regular filter replacement will allow for efficient and easy system operation for a long line of years.

Possible symptoms for injector buildup include:
- Increased fuel consumption
- Loss of power
- Difficulties starting the engine
- Uneven engine work
- Shaky driving

The injector cleaning device efficiently removes deposits and dirt from the interior using ultrasound and special cleaning liquid.


Fuel injection in modern vehicles is done using electromagnetic injectors. If all the cylinders are powered with fuel from one injector, it is the monopoint system and if every cylinder gets fuel from its own injector, then it's a multipoint system.

These two systems are somewhat different in construction but they have the common problem that they share, which is the buildup in the canals and openings through which the petrol passes. The most efficient way to clean the injectors is to remove them from the vehicle and submerge them in the ultrasound tub where using ultrasound and special cleaning liquid all the dirt is broken down and unsticked from the interior of the injector, before getting washed out of the device. After that we blow pressurized air through the injector in the direction opposite from the fuel flow and that's how the cleaning process is over. The injector is then tested.

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Professional regular service for Mercedes automatic gear-shifter!

Avoid expensive repairs for Mercedes automatic gear shifters.

Regular automatic gear shifter service includes oil replacement using suitable gear shifter oils, filters and oil charter sealing. Mercedes automatic gear shifters are made with 5, 7 and 9 speeds, which determines what type and amount of oil is required.

The gear shifter delivers the power through engine wheels. This also allows it to automatically provide the most power and speed during driving. That's when the special oil cools and at the same time lubricates the sprockets in the gear shifter.

Over time, the oil loses gradation, so the quality of lubrication also diminishes. Oil change in transmission elements can prevent early wear and damage to the transfer mechanisms. During work, the engine produces shavings which build up in the filter and this is why it's important to replace filter and oil.

The replacement interval for gear-shifter oil for Mercedes is around 50.000km. The automatic gear shifter oil and filter is replaced in older models in the factory period between 30 and 50 thousand traveled miles. This time period between changes is listed in the technical documentation.

The offer relates to the A class, B class, C class, E class, S class, ML, GLk, GL, CLK, SLK, SL, CL.

Further offer and ways to obtain our discounts can be seen at:

Professional regular service for Mercedes manual gear shifters

Includes the service of oil replacement via suitable type of gear shifter oil. The replacement interval is 100.000km traveled, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.


The gear shifter delivers power through powering wheels. This is also how it automatically provides the optimal amount of force and speed in driving. That's when the special oil cools and at the same time lubricates the cogs in the gear shifter. In time the oil loses its gradation and lubrication quality drops. Replacing the oil in transmission elements can prevent wear and damages to the transmission mechanisms.


The offer relates to A CLASS, B CLASS, C CLASS, E CLASS, CLK and SLK.


Details of our offer and how to qualify for our discounts can be seen here:

Protecting all glass areas using Nano technology + polishing the rear windshield glass.


- Treatment for polishing the front and back windscreen glass
- Protecting all glass surfaces using Nano technologies that creates a protective film.

Treatment using Turtle Wax products.

CLEARVUE GLASS POLISH - a product for glass polishing is a product that efficiently removes 'crusted' impurities, lightly polishes smaller scratches from the exterior and interior glass and reduces scratching. It is ideal for removing the greasy layer that accumulates from traffic, tree sap and insect remains that make a blurry layer on the windows, lights and headlights.

CLEARVUE RAIN REPELLENT - is a unique formula of crystal silicones and fast-drying dissolvent which leaves behind a perfect, transparent layer. Nano technology forms and invisible protective barrier that repels water and turns it into tiny droplets. It also repels rain, drizzle or snow and lasts for months.  

The details of our offer and how to qualify for our discounts can be seen by visiting:

Regular servicing for Mercedes vehicles

The offer includes:
- Regular servicing for Mercedes vehicles
- Resetting service messages using diagnostic tools or manually
- Examining the working order of the vehicles, traps, liquid

Note: all required parts, oil, filters and other elements are purchased directly at the service at promotional prices.

The offer relates to A class, B class, C class, E class, S class, ML, GLk, GL, CLK, SLK, SL, CL.

The details of our offer and how to qualify for our discounts can be seen by visiting:

Examining used Mercedes vehicles before purchase

Avoid the hidden flaws and additional investment when purchasing used vehicles with a unique examination that includes checking the service history and the current status, as well as an estimation of required investment.

The service includes testing:
- The general state of your vehicle
- The visual examination - testing potential damages and traces of interventions on the vehicle itself, meaning an examination of the vehicle body and full diagnostics (reading active and memorized errors in every system of the vehicle)
- Testing the engine
- Testing the brakes system
- Testing the steering system
- Testing the trap
- Testing pneumatics
- Examining the interior
- Examining the underside

This offer stands for the vehicles from the car lot itself with the agreement to tow them from the lot to the service and back.

Ensure for yourself the best purchase of a used vehicle!

Details on our offer and how. to qualify for discounts can be seen at:

Fast servicing for your Mercedes (oil and filter changing)

The offer includes:
- Appropriate Mercedes OIL, as much as the engine can take
- Replacement

Though every oil in the vehicle is important, the motor oil is among the most important ones and you should check the levels as soon as you pass your driver's exam.

Motor oil is important for proper functioning of the entire engine because it lubricates all its parts. Seeing how these parts constantly endure friction, tiny particles are formed and this is why the motor oil filter is important, to gather them all.

Detailed offers and how to qualify for our discounts, can be seen:

AREXONS - Professional three-layer machine polishing and waxing for your Mercedes

Polishing vehicles is a process whose goal is to protect the exterior of your vehicle, remove factory and other irregularities on the metal while generally extending the durability of your vehicle. The polish protection from exterior influences is done using the professional imported cosmetics by the globally renowned producer AREXONS.

By polishing new cars, metal is protected from smaller malfunctions that can be caused by machine vehicle washing with brushes, air pollution, UV radiation, acid that builds up from bird droppings and small insects.

Polishing used cars is recommended because in addition to the regular vehicle protection with polishing, it also refreshes the vehicle color, restores the quality of the polish and the so-called 'holograms' that form on the metal from years of use and washing are removed, restoring your vehicle's original glow.

The service includes:
- Detailed washing
- Three-layer machine polishing using purpose made AREXONS products
- Vehicle waxing

Let your Mercedes look fresh out of a salon every single day.

See details of our offer and how to qualify for our discounts at:

Professional examination of your Mercedes' technical specifications

Save money and make sure your Mercedes is safe by testing the seven key segments in 38 points.

Safety in traffic has no price, but through regular car control you are sure to save money on expensive repairs!

1. Front and back
2. Brake system
3. Liquids
4. Signaling
5. Belts
6. Accumulator
7. Tire pressure

1. Connection ends
2. Stabilizers
3. The cuffs on the wheel beam and extensions
4. Wheel beams
5. Balls
6. Silen blocks
7. Shock absorbers
8. Shock absorber springs
9. Shock absorber cups
10. Socket joints
11. Balance
12. Wheel slots


  1. Front discs
    2. Front panels
    3. Brake pincers
    4. Brake pipes
    5. Brake tubes
    6. Back discs
    7. Back panels
    8. Back discs/drums

1. Testing the brake oil levels and electronically testing the amount of moisture
2. Testing the cooling liquid level and freezing level
3. Motor oil levels

1. Position lights
2. Turning signals
3. Short lights
4. Long lights
5. Fog lights
6. Stop and rear-end light
7. Lighting panels

1. Resting charge
2. Encumbrance charge / charge reduction
3. Charging charge


Details about our offers and how to qualify for discounts at: