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Address: 88 Mirijevski bulevar st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 063/8685-065, 062/676-336

4/ 5stars

In our restaurant Stara Raska, you will find a quiet part of Belgrade. We are located in Mirijevski Boulevard at number 88 in Zvezdara. Cult place in Belgrade, which epitomizes the true urban cafes and bohemian lifestyle memorial. The restaurant attracts people of good will, of all generations, admirers of tradition and culture of our people.

The special spirit of our restaurant provides a warm and highly unusual environment, where every detail has been designed with care and radiates warmth. Whether it comes to sipping your first morning coffee, browse to the daily press, afternoon lunch with family or a romantic dinner in the company of a loved one, the restaurant "Stara Raska" is an unavoidable stop.

Highlights for you from our menu:

- Breakfast - eggs and bacon, French toast, donuts with cream cheese, corn bread ...
- Starters - Serbian snack, jelly, beans, grilled mushrooms ...
- Soups - chicken soup, beef stew, tomato soup ...
- Barbecue - mixed meat, kebabs, burgers
- Main courses - Karadjordje steak, Wiener schnitzel, steak princes ...
- Baking - roast pork, lamb below iron
- Salads - shop salad, coleslaw, salad hoopla ...
- Desserts - apple pie, baklava, cream pie ..

Our very friendly staff will be happy to meet you and help make your birthday, business success, anniversary or wedding go by perfectly. The organization is in a very pleasant atmosphere, definitely will stay long in your beautiful memory. Capacity for all your celebrations up to 90 seats. Let's get together host your dear guests!

To make your stay in our restaurant was full, we have provided parking for all our guests.

We expect you seven days a week from 07-23h.

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Restaurant "Stara Raska", Mirijevski bulevar 88, Novi Beograd, Beograd