Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 25 Beogradskog bataljona st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 069/3552-445, 011/355-2445

4.5/ 5stars

Restaurant Čukarički dream, with a tradition of over 30 years, now completely renovated building with two beautiful, air-conditioned rooms with 250 (Diamond Hall) and (Ethno Hall) 80 seats, terrace, which offers a place for 70 people in the shade of linden and birch own, secured parking for 50 vehicles.

With the ambiance, the restaurant offers Čukarički dream enjoy the specialties of national and international cuisine with a special touch of our great chefs, and a large selection of drinks.

With all this, our friendly and professional staff will make our restaurant becomes an ideal place for all kinds of celebrations, to weddings, and birthday parties, business and family lunches and dinners, organization presentations, themed evenings, catering and anything else that you , our dear friends, could cause pleasure.

Every Friday restaurant Čukarički dream you can have a good time with your friends, enjoy good food and drink, and with foreign and local music and song, performed by top musicians, you can play and sing, forget it difficult workweek and relaxed and happy to get complacent weekend.

Try our chicken in sauce Beozobraznom, Soma in white wine or pork roast or something with a loose selection of grilled dishes.

We worked Catering to a large number of companies as well as daily delivery of food in the homes of our fellow citizens.
Our best recommendation is the large number of guests and visitors of the famous restaurants that operate in a new, modern setting that can satisfy even the most hedonists.

We expect you our dear friends because in my dream it all possible!