Restaurants Belgrade

Address: Kursulina 6, Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 065/280-6565, 011/3441-503

4/ 5stars

Our Miamiam restaurant of author and modern international cuisine is located at 6 Kursulina street in Vracar, Belgrade. After years of successful catering service we've opened a completely new and original establishment in our city.

Miamiam is the family story of Marija and Djordje - childhood friends who first started work as Miamiam catering and then after years of success and experience moved on to author cuisine which is the result of their love for creation and cooking.

Djordje, the main chef, completed the Montpellier cullinary academy and gained lots of experience working around the world.

Marija, in addition to her education and work in culture and the French language also travelled the world in the past decade, smapling specialties in the finest world restaurants, brought back spices and secrets which she then with Djordje turned into a dream come true in form of their restaurant.

Also worth mentioning are Maria's sister, the architect who designed the unique enterior and Maria's husband who came to us from India and fell in love with Belgrade.

The concept of the restaurant is based on the author menu that is subject to change and the wine chart dominated by a delicate balance of quality and price. What sets us apart from others is our attention to detail:
- Unique, order made crockery
- The selection of finest teas from India with hand-made cookies

Menu is carefully selected depending on the freshes available ingredients and joins the classic French cuisine, personal creations of the main chef, Montenegro cheese and proscitto, home-baked bread, Indian spices and much more.

Some of our house specialties include:
- Red lentil soup with coconut milk
- Avocado and roasted carrot soup
- Grilled goat cheese
- Montenegro cheese and proscitto plate
- Boeuf Bourgignon (beef in red wine)
- Salmon burger
- Saffron chicken with almonds
- Caramelized prunes with vanilla cream.

All in all this is a new and modern concept of international cuisine with a personal touch from the main chef.

Miriam catering also stands apart from others because every order is specially imagined and adjusted to the ideas and likes of the client and the type of celebrations.