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We have more than 20 years of experience in creating quality products and a constant desire to further develop, in close interaction with our clients. We were always preoccupied with the quality, comfort and design of its products and we are pleased to say that today we keep that attitude.

Few people know that many socks brands of Serbia and the environment, produce bass in a factory PANON.

Along with the launch of the factory, launched its own brand KOLY. His features are primarily the high quality, comfort and design. Sizes and models are adapted to all ages from babies through to teenagers children, and always has something interesting and topical for adults.
The program includes all kinds of cotton socks: socks, leggings, nipples, pantyhose, festive stocking with lace and applications ...

KOLY keep pace with global trends, so each season throws models of the original colors and designs. There is a high quality yarn in charge of quality and durability, imported from Italy, from the factory filmmaker who works for the yarn to the world's home.

Depending on your needs, the sock from the factory PANON can occur in several ways: in our retail stores, wholesale or factory shop (outlet) as well as in boutiques in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, some EU countries.

Avalska 158, 11224 Vrèin
Tel. 011-805-5408
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"Kolya" BELGRADE (retail)
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