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Our little school of sports offers programs for children older than 4. The program consists of 2 trainings per week lasting 60min each, during which the little ones improve their motor skills, agility, speed, coordination, spatial awareness, balance as well as adopt various positive psychological and sociological habits.

This way our little ones also adopt proper posture and learn the best way to run, swim, walk and move in their environment. Of course, all this is taught through fun exercises and games natural for their age such as obstacle courses, track running and other fun activities.

Our second main goal is to develop a love and interest towards sports and healthy living in children.

(in the closed dome of SRC OLIMP where the artificial ice is ideal for first steps)

Swimming pool Aligator - Batajnica – (floor heating, 30 degrees water)
We teach kids to swim and improve their existing swimming techniques, all with support and supervision of professional coaches who have years of experience and use a good teaching approach to make the children feel safe and relaxed. The swimming pool is used in agreement with the trainer.

Required training equipment:
* t-shirt
* a pair of clean sports shoes
* towel
* shorts
* sweatshirt and tracksuit if needed
* bottle of water (refreshment)

We offer sports entertainment ideal for children between 3-10 years old as a specially planned program which is based on various activities which are interesting to kids that age while following their psychological and motor skills. This interactive program includes a special kind of educational entertainment and activities such as obstacle courses, track racing and other content in the form of a big sports competition with a musical program. If you remember ‘games without limits’, then you know how exciting and entertaining this is for the children.

Ideal for the female population, this type of exercise is done in the form of circular training to exciting music and often alternating the intensity of exercise between medium and high. An especially interesting feature of this training is that it uses various props and different movement, all for the goal of improving muscle definition and endurance and reducing fat tissue.

This is the best way to use training and pacing that suits you and your condition and abilities to improve upon yourself and your condition and abilities as well as your appearance. The presence and constant supervision of a professional will motivate you to quickly reach your goals. Also you can exercise in pairs with another partner or by yourself with the coach.

This form of exercise is a collection of physical exercises assorted according to intensity, type and duration. Exercises have the goal of improving muscle power, increasing the amplitude of movement and improving the posture, muscle tone and prevent osteoporosis. Exercises directly influence muscles and joints as well as the organism as a whole. We target the weak and shortened musculature to the sounds of light music, while the emphasis is on proper breathing and correct form.


ACTIVITY CENTAR Sport schools Beograd
ACTIVITY CENTAR Sport schools Beograd
ACTIVITY CENTAR Sport schools Beograd
ACTIVITY CENTAR Sport schools Beograd
ACTIVITY CENTAR Sport schools Beograd
ACTIVITY CENTAR Sport schools Beograd
ACTIVITY CENTAR Sport schools Beograd
ACTIVITY CENTAR Sport schools Beograd
ACTIVITY CENTAR Sport schools Beograd