Stamp-engravers, engravers Belgrade

Address: 23 Brankova st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/4045-740

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Seal maker and engraver "BEOGRAVER"
23 Brankova st., Belgrade (the first extension to the APR)

23 Brankova st., Belgrade
tel / fax:, 011.218.5235
mob: 065.3.603.046

In our production we use the latest laser technology to meet the needs of the most demanding cutting and engraving. With Speedy 100 laser system Trotec from the Austrian manufacturers we are able to cut the engravings more swiftly and more accurately. Speedy 100 laser system is a unique high precision, ie. 1000dpi which has the speed of 5G when engraving and maximum operating speed of 355 cm / s.

engraving services:

- Seal in color
- Dry seal
- Design a logo
- Tagging business space
- Plates for doors, postal mailbox and door
- Engraving on wood
- Gift Program
- Plexi program
- Cups, medals and plaques
- pendants

The use of CO2 laser system is large:

- Engraving and cutting plexiglass (acrylic clirite, PMMA)
- Ceramic Engraving
- Engraving of laminated metal
- Engraving cork
- Cutting foam materials
- Cutting and Engraving cardboard and paper products
- Engraving and cutting certain types of plastic
- Engraving and cutting rubber
- Textile Engraving
- Engraving and cutting wood