Surgery Belgrade

Address: 106a Bulevar Zorana DJindjica st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/311-85-91

4/ 5stars

Alfa MEDICA is one of the leading private clinics in Serbia, which was founded in 2001 with the idea of working as a family clinic, where the specialist and sub-specialist examinations in all areas of medicine implement complete care for all its members.

Medical clinic team consists of top doctors, specialists from all fields of medicine and thanks to the expertise and professional experience we are able to provide patients quality, safe service, the discretion, speed and individual attention. Medical clinic that makes coordinated team that monitors and controls the health status of patients ranging from prevention to the complete diagnosis and treatment in a way that meets the most stringent standards of the medical profession. It is a good organization, professional staff and high quality health care services we provide, as well as the satisfaction of our patients are our best recommendations
Over time, outpatient work expands and a large number of our patients experiencing a reliability and safety, and recommended clinic families.

Today, the Alfa MEDICA institution where recommending pay patients who want a professional, friendly and dedicated staff. The essence of the approach is a team of highly professional and renowned physician, who using modern diagnostic promptly diagnose a health problem and suggest the best way of treating a patient.