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Tourist agency Nautilus is located in New Belgrade, at 227 Jurija Gagarina street in Belgrade. Our greatest victory is giving you a vacation of your dreams and listening to your positive feedback.

We take great pride and happiness in knowing that we intermediate between you and your desired location whether it is summer vacation, winter vacation, New Year's celebration or visiting a destination.

Our Nautilus tourist agency always strives to provide the most comfortable travels at the most affordable prices. Our main activity is selling tourist arrangements in our country and abroad as well as working with congress tourism.

Thanks to the highest level of cooperation that we have with various renown names in tourism, we have managed to build an excellent reputation and become a trusted agency. The goal of our work and our main aspiration is to provide you with the best services of transport and accomodation around the world and in our country as well.

We are focused on our clients' wishes and needs and tailor our business policy accordingly.

Our best recommendation is your happiness with our services and the desire to travel with us again. We also offer airplane tickets to destinations around the world, rent-a-car services, group trips, congress tourism. We provide affordable airline tickets to all the best destination for any kind of vacation, any time of the year.


We offer winter vacation options in many attractive locations around Europe, the best skiing trips in Austria, France, Italy, Bulgaria or Slovenia. Beautiful mountains, the highest quality skiing slopes and hospitable hosts who are always happy to meet and greet our passengers and friends. We organize group travels that will help you find new friends, have fun in good company or maybe even find love.

In addition to our offer in other countries, we also offer accomodation options in many beautiful locations right here in our country - Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Stara Planina and other destinations where you can find beautiful nature, lots of enjoyment, fresh air, delicious food and excellent skiing tracks. The hospitality of the hotel owner, excellent service and incredible experiences are only a small part of our tourist offer.


Throughout the year we take you on touristic adventures into the most beautiful cities of Europe. Join us and discover the beauties of Wienna, Budapest, Barcelona, Venice, Istanbul and many other cities. The travel plans are coordinated with the needs of the travellers so that everyone could have the best experiences in the most comfortable way. The capitol cities of most European countries are at our fingertips and are calling out to you to see their beauties and attractions. Whether you decide to travel during the summer or any other time of the year, even on New Year's eve - we are sure you will find something ideal for you in our vast offer.

Contact info:
Address: 227 Jurija Gagarina street
Mobile phone: 063/833-1244