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Attractions on the first letter K

Karamata family home

The Karamata family home is a cultural monument as well as a cultural good of great significance for the city of Belgrade. It is located in Zemun in Karamatina street at the number 17. The house is a...
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Kontumac chapel of St. Rocco

Kontumac chapel of Sv. Rocco was filed as a monument and located in the city park in Zemun. The church was built during the kontumac director Franca Minas around in 1836, using the plans of architect...
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Krsmanovic house in Terazije

(34 Terazije square) The house was built in 1885 per the designs of the architect Jovan Ilkić . Today the building is protected by the state, not only because of its age and good looks, but also beca...
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The forest-park Kosutnjak is located near the Topcider park and the castle of Milos. The first mentions of this area can be found in scriptures dating from 1813 which speak of a dense oak forest. Afte...
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Karadjordje Monument

The monument to George (Djordje) Petrovic-Karadjordje is a bronze sculpture, 3.2m tall, which is located in front of St.  Sava’s temple in Belgrade.George Petrovic, the leader of the first Serbian upr...
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