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Karadjordje Monument

The monument to George (Djordje) Petrovic-Karadjordje is a bronze sculpture, 3.2m tall, which is located in front of St.  Sava’s temple in Belgrade.George Petrovic, the leader of the first Serbian uprising, earned the nickname ‘Black George’ (Karadjordje)...
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Karamata family home

The Karamata family home is a cultural monument as well as a cultural good of great significance for the city of Belgrade. It is located in Zemun in Karamatina street at the number 17. The house is a tree-part building whose three segments are connected...
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Kontumac chapel of St. Rocco

Kontumac chapel of Sv. Rocco was filed as a monument and located in the city park in Zemun. The church was built during the kontumac director Franca Minas around in 1836, using the plans of architect Joseph Falbera in the place once occupied by the old...
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The forest-park Kosutnjak is located near the Topcider park and the castle of Milos. The first mentions of this area can be found in scriptures dating from 1813 which speak of a dense oak forest. After the castle of prince Milos had been built, a protective...
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Krsmanovic house in Terazije

(34 Terazije square) The house was built in 1885 per the designs of the architect Jovan Ilkić . Today the building is protected by the state, not only because of its age and good looks, but also because of the important historical events that have occurred...
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