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National Museum in Belgrade

(1 Republic Square) The museum was founded in 1844 and today it is the oldest institution of its kind in Serbia. It consists of the Fresco Gallery, Vuk and Dositej Memorial Museum and the museum of Rastko and Nadezda Petrovic. The most importantt historical...
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National Theatre of Belgrade

(3 France street ) It is located on Republic Square in the heart of the city. The theater was founded in 1868 and moved to its current location - which was then Stambol Gate - in 1869 as part of the National Theatre and the work of opera, ballet and...
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New Palace

(1 Andricev Venac) This building , which is now the seat of the President of the Republic of Serbia , is located in the center of Belgrade , on Andric wreath and managed as a cultural monument under state protection. It was built in the period between...
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New Railway Bridge

As its name says, the New Railway Bridge is the railway bridge leading across the river Sava. It had been constructed as part of the Belgrade’s railway knot construction, it has two rail tracks and is altogether around 1928m long. The construction lasted...
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Nicolai church in Zemun

The church of the Holy Father Nicolai, or simply the Nicolai church is an Ortodhox church in Zemun. Its construction had begun in 1745, on top of the remains of an old Serbian church from the 16th century. The church is located in the historical heart...
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Nikola Spasic Legacy building

(33 Knez Mihailova street )The building was built by the merchant Nikola Spasic in 1889 and designed by the architect A. Costa Jovanovic as a two-story residential and commercial building. In 1961 the building was protected as a cultural monument and...
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